A glimpse of scientific field work at Lizard Island
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David Shannon
Chairman, LIRRF

This is a polychaete worm. Some look like flowers and are truly beautiful. They play a vital role in reef ecosystems. Scientists at Lizard have identified 91 new species, which it is amazing. (It is very special to find just one new species). Read more.
COTS have many eyes - What do they see? Ronald Petie is investigating how the Crown of Thorns Starfish use sight to locate the coral reefs. Read more.
Fish with leaning difficulties. Sandra Binning is researching the effect parasites have on the learning ability of fish. Read more.
Damselfish promote coral growth. Tory Chase has been researching how the presence of Damselfish promotes coral growth. Read more.
Cleaner wrasse help save coral from bleaching and algae. Eva McLure
is investigating how wrasse attract herbivorous fish which regulate algae levels. Read more.

Which fish does not belong in this school?  Dominique Roche is looking at the oddity effect and whether is it advantageous or disadvantageous to the one that doesn't belong and to the regular school members. Read more

Sound - The pulse of a coral reef. Jamie McWilliam is listening to the
soundscape around Lizard Island, focusing on the impact of boat propellers. Read more.

Vinegar - Controlling the Crown of Thorns Starfish at half the cost.  Lisa Bostrom-Einarsson has made a breakthrough in the fight against COTS. Read more.

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