Summer plus sun equals empty café, summer plus rain equals full café...
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So what's happening?

It is summer, meaning that we have wild swings in how full the cafe is. Sunny weather means a lot of empty seats while mild rain will lure a lot in to play games.

Also, with the general lifting of pandemic restrictions, we now have all our seats back, so a full cafe is really full. Plan accordingly.

Summer is also when several bartenders leave (many are students), so the people behind the bar may still have their training wheels on (not actual training wheels, but you know what we mean). Same goes for our volunteer Game Gurus.


We have technical difficulties, so the thing is not in the webshop yet. We'll keep you updated.

How about food?

As you know, the cafe has snacks, but not real food. We know someone who does have real food, though...

And that is our upstairs neighbour Spisehuset. All July you can get 10 % off by showing this newsletter or by having a Bastard Cafe membership. Spisehuset is open most days - check their website. That's also where you book a table with them.

Game of the Month: Pictures

Also Spiel des Jahres 2020, so it must have qualities...

It does. In this game by Daniela & Christian Stöhr the players will each try to recreate or otherwise communicate one of the 16 pictures, then guess which pictures the others have been working on. After this the communication tools are rotated, so everybody gets to try all of them. While most of us are quite bad at it, the game is pretty fun. This month the game of the month is sponsored by Spilbraet.

Events in July

3rd July 10:00 Breakfast Bingo
5th July 16:00 Monday Matchup
5th July 19:00 Murderous Monday
6th July 19:00 Gurus Present Star (and perhaps other) Realms
12th July 16:00 Monday Matchup
15th July 19:00 Bastard Cafe Lounge Quiz #50
17th July 10:00 Breakfast Bingo
19th July 16:00 Monday Matchup
19th July 19:00 Murderous Monday
20th July 19:00 Gurus Present Timeline
26th July 16:00 Monday Matchup
31st July 10:00 Breakfast Bingo

Check our event calendar!
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