To further develop this I wanted to share some work–in–progress definitions of the terms I am using in this work. 

Communication of language, thorough an artifact, within a system 

Meta Medium 
A Medium which adds meaning through usage 

Set of symbols, words and metaphors for communication between humans

Vehicle for communication, a phenomenon packaged in a useful way for humans 

Available channels of communication 

Sub sets of systems: 

A system in which interconnectedness overrules design

Elaborate stacking of known constructs to create a sense of design 

The Identity Heuristic (What am I) 
Extrinsic Identity, constructed by a present context, the way the world sees us 

The Self Heuristic (Who am I) 
Intrinsic creativity, the way we see ourselves 

Sameness Risk
The risk that comes from forgoing the Self Heuristic 

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