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Do you feel like your algorithms get you?

When applying for a job, an algorithm is likely going to be your first point of contact. It will look for certain variables, keywords, qualification levels, and in effect, score you. That computer program might not necessarily see the poetry in your sabbatical.

Something like, ‘AI super connector’ as it calls itself, needs to fit you into a rubric in order to make professional introductions with people. It will need to fit you into a box and find someone who is in the same box, adjacent box, or a complimentary box.

Digital products use AI and machine learning to make decisions, out of a desire to scale, and will determine who gets surfaced to the top of the applicant pool, who gets matched with whom, and much more.

AI is programmed for order, but some of us live in the in-between, where we make a living from lateral thinking, from bringing together things that don’t necessarily connect. 

In a world where AI is blocking human sensemaking, being a misfit could mean exclusion.

This is bad news for companies, because it means that algorithmic efficiency will cost them cognitive diversity. The more AI is given to do, the more value is at risk. 

I would love to hear from you: do you feel like your algorithms understand you?

I am ruminating on ideas of vertical scaling, essentially flipping from 40% value for a 1000 people, to 99% value for a 100.

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