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Hi friends —

I hope you can unplug and recharge during the weekends. In these times of intensely focused Zoom time, I find myself getting blurrily eyed (Zoom pun) by Friday.

This was an education centered week: 
Ana Andjelic and Cole Nielsen joined in class.  Ana shared thoughts on GMO brands with Global Professional Practices, and Cole went through the unbelievable WNBA branding project with the Design of Business students. I also have had the pleasure of visiting Sheena Iyengar’s Think Bigger class at Columbia Business School as a mentor.

I was excited to find A tool that reads and saves the text in your screenshots. Incredibly useful for those who find themselves reading PDFs of varying resolutions and image quality.

I LOVE philosophizing how little we know, the open-ended nature of knowledge - it is a very complexity friendly message. 
Luckily some actual scientists do a much better job articulating the connecting between knowledge, ambiguity, and a balanced frame of mind. 

"Being a true expert involves not only knowing stuff about the world but also knowing the limits of your knowledge and expertise."
Epistemic Humility—Knowing Your Limits in a Pandemic

I enjoyed this piece through Tom Goodwin’s newsletter: somewhat related to the above link about knowledge, control, and unknowingness. Maybe the concept of Grit too.
"There’s No Weirdness. There’s nothing that clashes. It’s very controlled"
The Tyranny of Terrazzo Will the millennial aesthetic ever end?

—Finally We May Have a Path to the Fundamental Theory of Physics… 
and It’s Beautiful
, Stephen Wolfram


I am looking for interesting analysis (academic, blog posts, podcasts) on our new reality? Do you have anything to share?

Be well, I will speak to you next week

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