In these days of social distancing we are all collectively nudged toward solitude, to spend more time in our heads, and with our nuclear family.

This could have a generative or disturbing effect. In the heuristics map it means that we are spending a lot more time in the self heuristic. As the people around us need not reminders of our identity heuristic – they know the full you, presumingly having an understanding of your self heuristic.

In other words the 'offline you'–in days of social distancing–in closer to the self heuristic. My hypothesis is that being able to navigate that mode will then allow you to be more creative.

You might write that book proposal you wanted, read that novel you never got to, or sit and knit. But that requires a certain state of mind and the ability to self lead.

This is all true only if you’re not in a scarcity mind-set (Mullainathan, Sendhil, and Eldar Shafir, 2014)

When we go online, whether to dial in with our workers, or break the cabin fever in a dance party via Zoom, we need to access our identity heuristic.

We start considering the ways in which we need to show in this forum. The boss, the employee, the teacher, the long friend. This is where innovation in technology comes in.  Is there a dissonance between the ways in which you’re trying to show up, and the affiances of the artifact? Are you asking to be one way but being nudged to another by the medium?

I am starting a group to learn the connection between solitude and creativity – please join here, or share with like-minds.

Hope you and your loved ones are well, wherever you are.


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