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Hi friends, I hope you had a relaxing weekend and are energized for the week ahead.
I gathered some links, which will hopefully help in generating new thoughts.

Raz Godelnik shared this essay from Christian Schneider.

What makes design research different to other research methods? You do not work towards assumptions, ideas, or visions. It is quite the opposite. You apply tools to understand and to illuminate an area that is in need of innovation, but what the directions and opportunities are, you will know at the end of the process. You will open up the spectrum of possibilities, and not narrow down towards one solution. You should work from the outside in, and not from the inside out. For instance, you should not hold brainstorming sessions so that you get a great idea, you should engage others to come up great ideas.




You might remember The New Possible from a few weeks back. I discovered this wonderful initiative thanks to Cecilia:

Design for Emergency is a set of initiatives we are launching to face the COVID–19 emergency through design.


This came up after an earlier exchange with Antonio on the same channel. I was curious whether service designers are being called to address the new nature of services, and architecture in light of COVID. Antonio responded with this piece he recently published 

↳ Designing the transition to post-COVID work spaces

I am particularly compelled by the spatial, processual, transitional, psychological model.

And lastly, I liked discovering this piece on Forbes. It touches on the human need for reasoning, complexity and economics 

↳ Why The Stock Market Doesn’t Make Any Sense

It reminded me of The Book of Why: The New Science of Cause and Effect, which I just finished.

From The Garden of Experience

Be well, and please be in touch with thoughts and comments.



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