Evening Workshop and Satellite Meetings
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World Congress on Root and Tuber Crops 2015: Evening Workshops and the Satellite meetings !! 



Nanning, Guangxi, China, on 5 to 10, October 2015

Evening Workshops are 2,5hr events organized after dinner on two evenings of the Congress, Tuesday Oct 6 and Thursday Oct 8, and they are designed to engage the community in topical discussions around themes of importance.  These workshops were tremendously popular in Uganda in 2012 and I believe they will be equally attended in Nanning. I invite you all to book them in your calendar to make sure you will not miss them!
Ideally, this workshop would lead to some type of outcome; another meeting, a publication, a proposal… But their primary goal is to move a common thinking towards new ideas, and new goals. As an example, the Cassava Landrace workshop in Kampala, 2012, lead to a larger workshop in Tanzania in 2013, a roadmap was written and is being published, a universal procedure to collect these landraces was established, and a proposal is now formulated to have a GeneBank in Tanzania to collect and preserve landraces from 9 South-Eastern African countries!
If you want to organize a workshop, there is still space and all you have to do is to make a proposal on-line ( with a co-chair, it will be reviewed and if acceptable, it will be organized by the Congress.  There is no specific format and your are free to organize it the way you want.  
We have now a tentative list of Evening workshops for Tuesday Oct 6 and Thursday Oct 8
WCRTC Evening Workshops
Evening Workshop October 6
Workshop #W1A: Breeding for products
Workshop #W1B: Beyond the DNA sequence: epigenetic control of traits in RTB crops
Workshop #W1C: RTB Seed Systems
Workshop #W2D: Cassavabase workshop
Evening Workshop October 8
Workshop #W1A: Determining and expressing root & tuber yields correctly
Workshop #W2B: Seed Standards & Inspection Protocols for RTBs
Workshop #W2C: DNA Fingerprinting of cassava landraces and varieties
Workshop #W2D: Pan African Cassava Surveillance Network – PacSun (provisional)

Satellites meetings are meant to gather groups of people who do have something in common or would like to have something in common: a project, a problem, a network, a goal… They can last between half a day and 3 days and we currently have about 8 of them.
If you want to take advantage to have a large gathering of scientists and organize a particular satellite, we still have time and space available, please let me know and I will send you a form and a quote for the cost of the meeting. The venue is quite cheap and all included (accommodation, food, meeting rooms, video…) you need to account for less than $100/capita and per day.

Example of tentative satellite meetings that we currently have :
GCP21 Secretariat and TAC                1 day                           18 people
Gene Repair                                                    0.5 day                        14 people
Asian Breeders                                    1 day                           20 people
CAVA                                                               1 day                           20 people
GCP21-AATF                                                    2.5 days                       50 people
Chinese Cassava Network                   1 day                           60 people
Yam Network                                                  2 days                          60 people
RTB Annual meeting                           3 days                          50 people
Global Partnership To Unlock the Cassava Potential
Angela Fernando - GCP21 Communication Coordinator -
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