With much regret, we inform you that the LOC decided to postpone the dates of the Congress to early January 2016 (The dates are soon to be confirmed by the LOC)

Letter from WCRTC Organizers,

Dear WCRTC participant,

Due to technical and administrative difficulties, the local organizing committee (LOC) of the WCRTC is forced to postpone its venue planed for October to a later date beginning of 2016.  The government of China has recently revised the process for authorizing the organization of large meetings such as WCRTC. The LOC was caught by surprise with the increased complexity and longer time necessary to obtain the authorization and therefore, despite its best efforts, could not secure it on time so that people could obtain their visa to attend the Congress.

 As a consequence, much to its regret, the LOC decided to postpone the date of the Congress to early January 2016, (t
he dates are soon to be confirmed by the LOC).

Nothing will be changed relative to the Program or the general organization of the Congress. Obviously, the organizers will work with keynote and plenary speakers, session chairs, evening workshop chairs, and satellite organizers to facilitate the transfer to the new dates.  The LOC sincerely apologizes to those of you who already bought their tickets for October, as they will have to rebook them for January, but this unfortunate fact was beyond our decision and we have no ability to change it.  On the good side, January is a good time to visit the mechanical soil preparation, fertilizer spreading, planting, and harvesting of cassava fields and this item will be added to the field trip. It is also a good time to visit a number of places such as Hainan, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand and some information will be collected and posted on the web.


We look forward to welcoming you in Nanning, China!!

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Angela Fernando
Global Partnership To Unlock the Cassava Potential
Angela Fernando - GCP21 Communication Coordinator -
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