Civic Hub Report
B.CLIP Civic Hub is one of it's kind initiative to further the grassroots leadership capabilities of the B.CLIP participants and strengthen the engagement with the citizens in their wards through meaningful interventions and innovative solutions to civic issues. The program helps the citizens to have easy access to government schemes, voter registration assistance, environmental initiatives etc. We have set up eight such civic hubs across the city.  All our civic leaders are actively working on various issues in their respective wards with zeal to be elected representatives and to bring about a positive change. The participants were chosen based on the following criterion:
  • Participants who are actively engaged with the political system & working on civic and / or community issues in the ward
  • Continue to have connect with citizens in the ward
  • Demonstrated execution capabilities at grass root level
  • Working closely with B.PAC & B.CLIP programs
It has been a year since we launched Civic Hub. We have had an overwhelmingly pleasant and invigorating journey. The program has created a platform for civic leaders from different political parties to discuss issues and chalk out solutions; learn from each other and emulate best practices. Further, the program has helped civic leaders get recognition from their political parties and build rapport with their elected representatives. Few of them have been conferred higher position in their party and few others have been invited by senior political leaders to join their party. 

Today, civic hub stands as a proof of concept for our ideology that a well equipped civic leader can bring community together, translate ideas to effective action and further act as a pressure group for good governance. 

Below is a brief report about our civic leader's initiatives 
Subbaiah & Geetha from Sanjaynagar & Radhakrishna temple wards
Focus Area: 
  • Mobility & Waste Management
  • Won Neighbourhood Improvement Program for comprehensive mobility plan 
  • Successful in establishing good rapoort with BBMP commissioner, MLA, MP and organizations such as WRI, ESAF and DULT
  • Along with Mobility & waste management, Geetha has been driving Green and Safe School & Green Ambassador Programs
  • Working to establish association of house maids
Comprehensive Mobility Plan 
Subbiah T.S & Geetha. G are working together with a motto of social change. The initiatives are focused to make their wards clean, green and livable.  

As part of the winning team of Neighbourhood Improvement Program challenge, their comprehensive mobility plan for Sanjaynagar won amidst stiff competition from over 100 entries.
Gist of mobility plan:
  1. Cycle Day and Walk to school programs to bring  behavioral change. 
  2. Traffic wardens to help senior citizens cross the street.
  3. Installation of around 40 cycle stands in areas selected by residents. 
  4. Designed first of it's kind neighborhood road incorporating concepts of tender sure and considering other needs such as hawker zone and school zone.
  5. Sanjaynagar Main Road has been redesigned and the road works shall start soon.
Currently, the team is working on Mobility Index to evaluate the city roads
Sanjaynagar Cycel Day is the only Cycle Day in Bengaluru to be running continuously since last 2 years
Around 1500 students walk to school every Saturday. There has been around 300% increase in the number of students opting walking or cycling to reach their schools. 
Sanjaynagar Local Area Development Plan meeting with Ashwin Mahesh, CIFOS, ESAF, DULT & B.PAC. 
Waste Management
Sanjaynagar has achieved over 70% waste segregation at source.
Few key points
  • One among the first wards to ban use of plastic which is below 40 micron.
  • Rent a bag and buy a bag programs running successfully
  • Successful micro plan of solid waste management to check efficient door-to-door collection of waste
  • Manned Kiosk to avoid black spots 
  • Training and cultural events for  Pourakarmikas 
  • The first composting santhe was organized in Sanjaynagar 
  • Currently working with BBMP commissioner to make Sanjaynagar 'Zero Waste Ward'. Waste composting units to be set up soon. 
Other programs: 
  • Formation of House Maids Association to support house maids with government schemes and programs
  • Preparation of comprehensive local area development plan along with experts
Current Gaps
After assessing the programs, team B.PAC has identified gaps and shall be supporting civic leaders to address these gaps

1. Lack of sufficient number of  documentation and support staff : Appoint public policy, MSW and journalism students on stipend
2. Support activities by volunteers registered from Green Ambassador Program
Digital Display Board: Civic leaders are working to set up a digital display board in public space to achieve the following objective
1. Information dissemination on various ward developmental works to citizens
2. To run awareness campaign and other announcements
3. As an alternative to hoardings and flex
4. A source of revenue for advertisement
They have identified space to set up the board and are looking for sponsors to support the initiative.
  • A year of transformation: From helping over 12,000 urban poor with schemes, learnt from other B.CLIP leaders to implement efficient waste management programs in ward
  • Successful in championing all B.PAC programs across the assembly constituency such as Kill Bills, Green & Safe Schools, Safety workshops for women, Green Ambassador Program and more! 
Health cards and other empowerment schemes for over 12,000 urban poor 
Jeyalakshmi has been organizing safety workshops for women. She has helped formation of over twenty self-help groups and closely working with over 50 other groups across Bengaluru city.
A true leader builds trust and collaboration.  Jeyalakshmi has been successful in establishing good rapport with elected representatives across political parties. 
Along with these Jeyalakshmi has led over 4 Kill Bills drive and has created 100 green ambassadors. She periodically inspects government schools across assembly constituency based on B.PAC's Green and Safe School checklist, actively participates in Corporator Engagement Program and above all, supports other B.CLIP leaders and ardently learns from everyone around her. 
"B.PAC and B.CLIP has transformed my life. I had worked for a national political party for over 2 decades and had failed to get party ticket to contest in elections.Nevertheless, I contested and lost. I was devastated by loss and was uncertain on way ahead. B.PAC supported me with civic hub and mentored my civic activities. Today I am more confident than ever and observing my good work, senior leaders across political parties have invited me to join their party. I shall always be grateful to B.PAC" - Jeyalakshmi
Kavitha Reddy
  • Mobilized citizens under Hasiru Mithra to address Solid Waste Management issue in HSR layout
  • Revived  Agara lake and has taken up  the herculean task of reviving Somasunadara Palya lake
  • Appointed as Mahila Congress state secreaty and political recognition at national level  
Hasiru Mithra team led by Kavitha Red has led number of segregation, plastic ban, clean up and tree plantation drives
Kavitha has conceptualized multiple creative campaign to address pressing issues such as KilBills, Pothole pooje and Right4Road
  • Conceptualized Kill Bills and Pothole pooje
  • Tree Plantation Drive: Over 1000 saplings planted and monitored with help of volunteers. 
  • Senior citizens card: Enrollment of senior citizens card 
  • Voter registration Drives for over 500 students
  • Shutter/Feeder buses: Working with BMTC to instroduce bus routes
  • Freedom run and women's run to sensitize community. 
  • Safety workshop for women
  • Eco-friendly products bank has been set up to help residents organize eco-friendly events
Kavitha's Media Coverage 
H. Eswarappa
  • Ardent work on illegal hoardings 
  • Monitoring ward development works
  • Led Nagarothana Schemes implemention monitoring and report  
  • Promotion of B.PAC Spotter app
Illegal Hoardings: Reporting illegal hoardings to government officials and working to keep Zone A free of hoardings
Nagarothana scheme: Support B.CLIP leaders across 10 wards to monitor nagarothana scheme and report the status of sectioned projects. 
Green Ambassador Program: Created over 70 Green Ambassadors and led field activities 
Tree Marking: Eswarappa has marked the trees in his ward and submitted a report to BBMP to support  future plans on tree plantation
Support to other B.CLIP leaders during Kill Bills and tree plantation drives
  • Sufiyan's initiative 'Eco-friednly Ramzan' made entire city and the country take notice of his mobilizing skills and solution based approach
  • De-silting of drains to check urban floods
  • Actively works with Bangalore city & traffic police to check law & order and traffic issues in is neighborhood.
Mr. Sufiyan's journey in civic hub has shown the positive impact of collaborative leadership. He has led multiple programs with support of other B.CLIP leaders from Shivajinagar constituency. The group effort has been able to instigate change and to obtain support of both elected representatives and BBMP. 
Waste Management
Eco-friendly Festivals:
The Ramzaan festive gaiety often results in a pile-up of large quantities of waste on the streets. Sufiyan recognized this and conceptualised the Eco-friendly Ramzaan initiative. He was successful in on boarding  46 mosques in the Shivajinagar area and  bought about 5,000 sets of reusable plates and tumblers for mosques. Further, he extended the program during Ganesh Chathurthi. Along with awareness to use natural clay idols, the immersion of Ganesha idols in Ulsoor lake was scientifically monitored. 

Sufiyan has led multiple waste segregation drives across Sampangiramnagar, plastic ban awareness drives in Commercial Street and clean-up drive in Russel market. 
Road construction, sewage & other ward infra works
Shivajinagar is one of the most crowded part of Bengaluru. Multiple prime roads such as Queen's road hadn't had its underground drains de-silted for decades. Sufiyan worked with corporator to de-silt the drains. He has also pressurized elected representatives and checked construction of roads, storm water drains and other ward infra works. 
Sufiyan is working with Bengaluru city police to check law & order, safety issues at the ward. He leads periodic meetings with Police inspector to report and check regular patrol. Parking menace is another serious issue faced by residents. He is working with Bengaluru Traffic Police on these fronts as well. 
Ashok Nigil
  • Appointed by MLA as Ambassador for ward developmental works 
  • Monitors ward development works
  • Led extensive tree plantation drive and regular monitoring with help of volunteers
Ashok Nidgil has been appointed  as 'Ambassador for Assembly Constituency Developmental Works' by Vijaykumar MLA Jayanagar. He monitors and works with BBMP engineers to check the quality of on-going road construction, storm water drains etc.

Along with his resident welfare association members and students of a local college, he led a massive tree plantation drive. He arrange water supply to for saplings by associating with local temples. The water from temples wells are used to water plants.

The Indian Railways had closed the railway booking center and caused inconvenience to senior citizens.  He raised the issue  to Former Prime minister of India, H.D Deve Gowda and reopened the railway ticket center at an alternative location and at much lower rent.
Devika Raj
  • Devika's focus is on women's safety and empowerment. She is working to set up dedicated counseling center for Rajajinagar assembly constituency. 
  • She has helped get urban poor in her neigbourhood get access to government schemes and loans. 
  • She works with women's self-help group across Rajajinagar Assembly Constituency
Schemes and loans for minority and other backward classes groups women.
 She has started free dance classes to help children from low income groups get access to quality extra-curricular activities. 
She organized tree plantation drive in association with Hasiru Bengaluru Mission. 
She holds periodic meetings and safety workshops for women from Self Help Groups at Civic Hub
Way Forward
Based on our last year's  experience and learning from Civic Hub, below are the suggested changes  for next year: 

  • Based on learning, improve the current programs to optimize  impact oriented and data based programs
  • Waste management,  safe school and voter registration programs shall be common in all civic hubs.
  • One or two program shall be selected by the leader based on pressing issues of his or her ward. The programs shall be one or more of these: Women's safety, support urban poor, infrastructure development, transport & traffic or any other relevant
  • Second Saturday or Sunday of every month shall have a common program across Civic Hubs
  • Program update and reporting shall strictly be data oriented. Interesting initiatives and stories shall be covered in form of blogs. 
Outreach & Brand Management: 
  • Now each civic hub is supported by over 50 Green Ambassadors. A process shall be introduced to connect more number of young student volunteers for Civic Hub Leaders
  • B.PAC has journalism students for citizen Journalism Program to cover positive civic stories. Each civic hub will be connected to team of journalism students who can help document their work 
Mentoring and Capacity building:
  • Each civic leader shall be connected with a mentor to review their work and help them strategise. The mentoring shall help increase civic leader's influence in their community.
  • A boot camp or periodic sessions to build their public speaking skils, volunteer management, use of technology and other skills
We look forward to a year full of innovative, solution based and impact oriented programs across Civic Hub wards and assembly constituency. Over the year, we have been successful in establishing a few new partnerships and programs. We shall work together to scale-up these programs.  

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