- October 2022 -
Session hosted by AWP on Indigenous voices in water management at World Water Week, Stockholm

AWP engagement at international water and climate events

Since the lifting of COVID restriction on travel across the majority of the world there has been a resurgence of international water and climate events. In recent months, AWP and its partners have engaged in several key events with an overarching focus on the linkages between water and climate and how Australia with Indo-Pacific partners can work towards solutions. You can learn more about the experience and reflections from two of these events here. Read more

Gender and ethnicity in planning sustainable groundwater management in Lao PDR

Groundwater is a strategic resource for building climate resilience, boosting agriculture and improving the health and livelihoods of rural communities. Read more

Digital technologies for a climate resilient water sector

Digital technologies are playing an increasingly important role in supporting climate and disaster resilience and enhancing environmental sustainability. Read more

Supporting improvement of Thailand’s water quality management

Thailand is facing challenges with managing water quality in many reservoirs across the country due to pressure from agricultural, domestic, and industrial pollution, coupled with urbanisation and climate change. Read more

Training and capacity-building for groundwater users and managers 

Understanding, communicating and managing something invisible is a complex and challenging task. This is the case of groundwater, which accounts for 99 per cent of all liquid freshwater on Earth but is poorly understood and consequently undervalued and mismanaged. Read more

Helping fish to migrate and breed in the Lower Mekong Basin

Hydropower growth will contribute to increasing energy supplies, but may disrupt river connectivity and have an impact on the ecological health and productivity of the LMB upon which many people support their livelihoods and income. Read more


Water & Climate Dialogue Series
Continuing from 2023 | Webinars

COP27 Climate Change Conference
7-18 November | Sessions

Australasian Aid Conference
28-30 November | Publication Launch

2023 Partners Workshop
8-9 March 2023 | Adelaide


Adaptation and resilience are not just about putting in place the right technology and systems. It's social change, which means that it's about people changing what they think and do. Read more

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