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September 17, 2021

This Week at Waldorf

Making Memories in the Children's Garden

While our first festival of the school-year is still a few weeks away, merry (and memory) making is seldom in short supply at WSB. On Monday, Ms. Jackie Beach led her Butterfly Children through their first birthday celebration of the year. 
The birthday child and their classmates were taken on a journey with the telling of the traditional Waldorf birthday story, a personal anecdote (provided by proud parents) from each year of the child's life joyfully interjected throughout. Freshly picked wild flowers, nature treasures and a rainbow colored play silk completed the scene. 

Newly, and happily, back this year also was the Children's Garden Birthday Cake - a much loved WSB tradition. Though usually a full-class project, this year the group was divided into smaller groups for safety, with half in charge of the mixing and baking while the remaining classmates blissfully beat the cream into whipped topping. The results were delicious. If you've never tasted it before, bake one at home this weekend and experience this not too sweet, spice cake for yourself!

Fiesta, Fiesta - Spanish Heritage Month

For the next thirty days (and beyond) we will be paying tribute to the generations of Hispanic Americans who have positively influenced and enriched our nation and society, and honoring the rich histories of those cultures. 
To kick things off, Sra. Graciela Pasion led grade three in preparing traditional pierce paper garland set to adorn the hallways in honor of the independence of El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala (Sept. 15, 1821) and Mexico (Sept. 16, 1810). 

In grade two, students enjoyed the opportunity to flex their creativity muscles, producing wonderful pajarito drawings, modeled on Mexican folk art - all while practicing their Spanish comprehension skills through Sra. Pasion's signature style of language immersion. 

What a rich and wonderful month we surely have in store for our students! 

Upcoming: Festival of Courage 

Thursday, September 30th, Elementary Students will partake in a COVID-safe Festival of Courage featuring our traditional Michael and the Dragon pageant and afternoon activities fostering courage and community. 

This year, we regret, we are unable to invite parents on campus to attend the festivities.  However, we will be sending you a visual recap for all to enjoy. 
On the day of the pageant your child should:
  • Bring a pair of non-disposable gloves (gardening/work/dish washing/winter)
  • Arrive dressed in dragon conquering RED (other vibrant fall colors OK: orange, yellow, pink, magenta, burgundy - don’t buy something new – find something in your closet, swap with a friend, or ask our parents FB group for a lend!)
Additional costuming details for your student’s class will be detailed by your class teacher if required.

Why do Waldorf Schools Celebrate the Festival of Courage?

“….We live in a time of hard tests for humanity, of hard tests which must become still harder.  We live in a time in which a whole host of old forms of civilization to which humankind still erroneously clings, are sinking into the abyss, a time in which the claim insistently arises that we must find our way to something new.”  -Rudolf Steiner

In Autumn, as the life forces of nature recede, turning toward a winter sleep, the inner life of the human soul is awakening.  It is a time of conscious selfhood, a time when we celebrate the building and strengthening of our inner life.  In many cultures, the autumn time marks the beginning of a new year.  The forces of nature are transiting with the autumnal equinox, as the relationship of light and darkness changes the world around us.

During Autumn, we study the story of Michael and the Dragon by working in our classrooms and creating a school (grades two through eight) presentation. First grade views this play for the very first time as audience members.  

The story of Michael and the Dragon challenges students and teachers alike to develop strength and bravery, while coming together as a community, to overcome the sources of our fear and anxiety.  Our small village, threatened by a fierce dragon who voraciously eats all the food, demands more, and cannot be stopped by the warriors who bravely fight, continues its gluttony and bullying. The village learns to tame the dragon through the guidance of a brave youth Una who encourages the whole village to call on the powers of Michael to strengthen them to quell the dragon peacefully. A triumphant feat indeed! 

A Sweet Saturday for Sunflowers

It seems as though we have all been waiting a very long time to realize our shared Waldorf value of engaging with our class community beyond the bounds of our school day, engaging with activities that correspond to the seasons and experiencing nature. 

Hurrah, then, for Mrs. Brooke Redgrave, lead teacher in the Sunflower Kindergarten classroom, who invited her class and their parents to gather outside her home this past Saturday. Together they worked (and played) to harvest the bounty from her backyard garden, including fresh flowers and plenty of pears! 

Update: Community COVID Pool Testing

Thank you for giving consent for your children to participate in our in-school COVID testing process. You are actively contributing to the safety and health of our school community. Testing will take place on Wednesdays starting next week. We will send further details as we receive them.

If you have still not provided this consent, we look forward to receiving it soon (consent form). If you do not use the at-school testing process you are required to provide a PCR test from an external health care provider each Wednesday in order for your child to return to school the next day they are scheduled to be at school. Please email it to and to reception at by 4:00 pm each Wednesday.

Drop Off Procedure Effective 9/27  : 
  • Children grades first through eighth will now be able to enter the building without a temperature check from faculty screeners and may go straight to their classrooms at 8:00. This should help reduce traffic congestion and waiting time on Tamarind Road.
  • All families will continue to do daily temperature checks at home and screen their child for symptoms through MyMedBot, which will be checked each morning by reception to ensure continued use. If you do not use the MyMedBot app, your child will remain in your car and be screened by a screener. 
  • Children's garden drop-off will proceed as usual, for the time being.
We understand this is a lot of new and changing information. An FAQ is linked here. Thank you for adapting with us as we work to provide the safest school environment possible.

Book Club Sign Up

Book Club kicks off on September 28th (on Zoom) and we are thrilled to have so much interest already!

In case you missed it, this Fall we will be diving into Simplicity Parenting in which internationally renowned author, and former Waldorf teacher, Kim John Payne helps families reclaim the space and freedom in their lives in order to thrive. 

Please read Noris's welcome letter here with all the details and to join. We hope you will join us for what is always a warm and enlightening once-weekly hour! 

Helpful Links, Friendly Reminders

Helpful Links:

Friendly Reminders:

Carpool Signs: Please (pretty please) remember to use your carpool dashboard signs at pickup and drop off. 

Doctor's Note: If your child has a known or recurring condition that could elicit a COVID-19-like symptom, please let Reception know as soon as possible and provide documentation of the condition and its symptoms from your child’s doctor. This documentation will help us determine what steps to take from a COVID perspective if/when the condition arises.


"I thought of you when…" The Simplicity Parenting Podcast with Kim John Payne (Podcast)

Speaking of Kim John Payne - he hosts a helpful podcast as well!

This episode feels particularly relevant as it's likely many are spending at least a few more hours outside the home than we were, say, this time last year. 

For those who listen, tell us what you think! Community conversation is always encouraged over on our Facebook Page & in our parents-only WSB FB Group.

Calendar At-A-Glance

Sept. 15-Oct. 15
Hispanic Heritage Month

Monday, Sept. 20 | 2pm
Waldorf 101, Prospective Parent Zoom

Wednesday, Sept 22 | 6:30pm
Back to School Night, Zoom 
(Link will be emailed and in parents portal) 

Tuesday, Sept 28 | 7:30pm
Parents Association Meeting, Zoom
(Link in parents portal) 

Thursday, Sept 30*
Festival of Courage (Students Only) 
**This is a change from Sept 29 previously posted


Interested in helping out with our Outreach efforts and representing the WSB community? We are popping up at farmers markets and festivals throughout the Fall and Scotti would be thrilled to have you join her! Email her anytime at 

CG Lead Teacher Jackie Beach helped put together what is sure to be a fascinating and informative event for the Mount Washington Improvement Association, Race Equity Inclusion Committee slated for September 29th.. Register to get the zoom link.

Find the most up-to-date information on the school calendar on our website:

Feedback; Praise, Polish, Ponder

Your feedback is valuable! Let's enhance our community experience together. We invite you to share your thoughts with us anytime.
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