Google Searches for stress and therapy spiked as people grappled with loneliness and the uncertainties around life and work. What Google Search Tells us about Lockdown's Impact on Indians. Read more here 

For me, my screen time has gone up, sun time has gone down. I've started reading more, making changes to diet and doing light home workouts.

What behavioral changes have happened with you? What all are you spending more or less time on?

Best of the Web 123


1) 68 bits of unsolicited advice by Kevin Kelly. Read here
2) Mark Zuckerberg on how video chat needs to evolve for the pandemic. Read here
3) Muscle Mass, Strength and Longevity. Read here
4) How to take smart notes by Tiago Forte. Read here
5) McDonald’s Theory (on getting things moving). Read here

Rewind (Best of newsletter #86)
1) Money advice by Nassim Nicholas Taleb.Read here
2) The Advantage Of Being A Little Underemployed by Morgan Housel.Read here
3) Reconsidering the Hardware Kindle Interface. Read here
4) Dated but interesting.How Twitter Found Its Money Mojo.Read here
TweetStorm of the Week: 
We are now almost six months into this pandemic, and yet we still don't really know how the disease is killing us. Read here

Podcast of the Week:
Reid Hoffman on Systems, Levers, and Quixotic Quests. Listen here (with transcript). H/T @pacificleo

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