It's been raining this week in Delhi and the weather is amazing (high PM2.5 levels aside). I found this bit about Geosmin quite interesting, more so the fact that humans are sensitive to it and capable of detecting concentrations ~5 parts per trillion. It is theorized in our evolutionary past this helped us seek out water (like animals).


Best of the Web 116


1) I'm a big fan of "Peter Thiel". In this well researched & articulated post, David Perell shares how Thiel's early encounters with Rene Girard (mimetic theory) influences his intellectual thinking. Read here    
2) With the proposed launchd of “account aggregator” system India is about to hand people data citizens elsewhere can only dream of. Read more here 
3) An all-encompassing collection of actionable ideas for someone doing/planning to do a startup. Read "Breaking Twigs in the Startup Forest
4) "There’s a difference between asking questions and pushing back. Pushing back means you already think you know." Jason Fried's thoughtful post, 'Give it Five Minutes'. Read here 
5) API is one of the most commonly used words in startups and someone with no software engineering background might find it difficult to grasp. Read a simple explainer on the topic here

Rewind (Best of newsletter #80)
1) Onboarding Existing Users. Read here
2) The Fermi Paradox. Read here
3) Review and manage your activity history on Google and their other products. Check here
4) The Colonel Blotto game (Game Theory). Read here 
TweetStorm of the Week (New Section)
Andrew Chen on "Uber for X". Read here  

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Startup Jobs: 
(Help our friends for good karma, spread the word)

1. A friend and ex-colleague from Paytm is building a recruitment platform for Blue Collar/Entry Level Workers. He's looking for Node.js and Python Developers
2. Another friend is looking for iOS developers in Gurgaon.

1. A friend and fellow Morpheus gangster is building "Plum HQ" to redefine 'Employee Healthcare'. They are looking to hire Product Designer and Sr Backend Engineers
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