Best of the Web 115

Continuing last editions list of most read articles. Sharing Top 15 Most Read Articles of 2019.  

Most Read Articles:

15) PG's awesome essay on 'What makes a genius' 
14) How can a non-tech guy become the go-to advisor to some of the world’s most powerful tech companies? Great profile of a fascinating person, Bill Campbell - The Secret Coach.
13) The Gross Margin Problem: Lessons for Tech-Enabled Startups. Read here
12) Hanlon’s Razor (and why people are nicer than you think). Read here.
11) How India's Growth Bubble Fizzled Out. Read here 
10) Morgan Housel's post, 'Betting on things that never change'
9) Beautiful essay by Paul Graham on what it means to have kids. Read here
8) A light breezy read on "Rich People's Problems". Read here 7) How to build optionality into your life. Read here 
6) Peter Thiel's Contrarian Strategy. Read here 
5) Capital ROI of various Indian Startups. Read here
4) Tiny networking tip by Ben Horowitz. Read 'Strike when the Iron is hot
3) Paul Graham's classic 2004 essay, 'How to make Wealth'
2) Maria Montessori and 10 famous graduates from her schools. Read here
1) My new goal in life is to avoid a mid-life crisis. Read here

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