Most people feel less rich than they actually are.If you think about wealth perception as a network problem, it makes a lot of sense. 

When I ask, “Who feels rich really?” the answer is—no one.  

Because you can always point to someone else who is doing better. Read more here 

Best of the Web 122


1) 'The Pandemic Isn’t a Black Swan but a Portent of a More Fragile Global System' - Nassim Taleb. Link 
2) Recent shareholder letters of note.
a) Amazon's 2019 letter
b) Netflix's Q1-2020 letter
c) Social Capital's 2019 letter
3) Zerodha's origin story, tech team, stack and their guiding principles. Read here
4) David Perell on 'How to Maximize Serendipity'. Read here
5) Why do we work so hard. Read here

Rewind (Best of newsletter #85)
1) Jordan Peterson’s Right That You Should Become Dangerous, And Here’s How. Read here
2) Fun Spurious Correlations. Read here
TweetStorm of the Week: 
Shreyas Doshi on Good Product Managers, Great Product Managers. Read here

Video of the Week:
Session by Nassim Nicholas Taleb at Google. Taleb talks about about the concepts covered in his book Antifragile. Watch here 

Tip: Turns out charging your MacBook from the right side is better. Link

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