Earn Interest on Your Bullion
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Earn Interest on Your Bullion


Canadian Bullion Services is happy to introduce a new service exclusively to our clients.Purchase gold and silver and hold gold and silver in secure storage; and earn interest just by keeping gold and silver in the Boost storage account.

What is The Boost Storage Account?

The Boost Storage Account is a proprietary program developed exclusively by Canadian Bullion Services.  In a nutshell, the program allows investors to:

  • Purchase gold and silver;
  • Hold gold and silver in secure storage; and
  • Earn interest just by keeping gold and silver in the Boost storage account.


Is this a new idea?

We would like to say we thought of it ourselves, but the idea is very popular in the Eastern parts of the world, where governments, banks, and bullion dealers have a variety of storage interest bearing accounts for their hard assets.


Benefits at a glance:

  1. Purchase physical gold and silver for safety and growth.
  2. Have your gold and silver secure in a vault.
  3. Earn interest while your gold and silver is safely in storage.
  4. Get full transparency - receive monthly audited statements.


The Program is right for you if:

  • You desire the safety of hard assets like bullion but want your bullion working for you;
  • You wish to participate in the potential growth of the bullion markets (hard assets only, no paper assets);
  • You would like to receive interest payments while storing your gold and silver;
  • You believe in a buy-and-hold strategy; and
  • You want your bullion stored safely and securely.


How does the Boost Program work?

  1. Purchase a minimum of 500 ounces of silver or 10 ounces of gold (does not matter which Mint)***
  2. Store the gold and silver at one of Canadian Bullion Services secure depository vaults.
  3. The Boost accounts are yearly accounts. Interest earned is based on holding time:


  • Store your bullion for 1 year and earn 2.5%/annum on your bullion*
  • Store your bullion for 2 years and earn 3.5%/annum on your bullion*
  • Store your bullion for 3 years and earn 4.5%/annum on your bullion*


4.  At the end of the term you can renew your Boost Program or have your bullion delivered**

5.  Your interest is earned monthly with actual physical bullion.


*Liquidity is at the end of your term only; you may not receive the exact bullion you purchased; the interest will accrue monthly with the purchase of more bullion, any funds remaining will be credited as cash in your account.

** It is free to renew your Boost program and applicable delivery fees will apply to those who want delivery.

*** Limited products available.

The Boost program will renew automatically unless written notice is provided 30 days prior to the anniversary date.


Risk Disclosure:

Every type of investment contains various elements of risk. Because the value of precious metals can rise or fall quickly, investing in precious metals may not be suitable for everyone.


Please call us at 416 214 4299 if you are interested with this program. 

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