1 JUNE 2016

Hi there, rocker!

It's with a great sense of gratitude, humility and pride that I am now able to inform you that Gabion Baskets is turning 10 years old on the 1st of June 2016. We have had many good and challenging times during the past 10 years, and we wanted to highlight the achievements we enjoyed over this period of time in our lives for you.
I would like to thank our team at Gabion Baskets for all the great efforts they’ve made over this period to make our company a great one, without their input we could never have had the level of success we have enjoyed to date. We would also like to make mention of all our agents and distributors throughout Southern Africa who have also made our ongoing enjoyment and success possible. Swazi Wire from Swaziland has been loyal to us from the beginning, and we also wish to thank all our current partners for their ongoing support. We have many distributors in the field of civil engineering throughout Southern Africa, who have made it possible for us to have local support in other areas to grow our customer list.
Our suppliers, namely Barnes Fencing, Kaytech and Fibertex have also made it possible for our ongoing momentum, as we could never do it all ourselves, we have relied on their manufacturing and technical expertise for our ongoing market supply and support, thanks to you.
My special appreciation goes to Louis Middleton my longest serving member of staff, the operations manager who joined me in March of 2007 and has provided valued input and support to me during this time, he has been an exceptional asset to the Gabion Baskets team. I would also like to take the time to thank all our team for their continued hard work and loyal valued support to our company and its customers. I have always known that great teams make it easier and lead to higher levels of achievement and success, than would be possible with an average team.
We had set up the manufacture of gabions by the end of 2006, however, we were most thankful when we managed to open our own factory and manufacture the gabion materials ourselves in January 2009. This was a great sense of achievement and it took us almost a year to iron out our teething problems and achieve the quality and productivity we needed for the marketplace, in fact, the machines only became fully operational and stable after the first year in 2010.
I also must thank the factory staff for their loyalty and support through the good and bad times, for often having to work extra hours and speed up production for customer orders. In fact, many times it became necessary to change production needs for specific orders due to the ongoing urgent needs of our customers. This was not always pre-planned and often forced us make the necessary arrangements to get the raw material and hastily make what the customer needed. The staff were sometimes required to work late and meet these urgent needs, we thank them for having made the time for this.
We were also very grateful to Brenda Fourie who was chosen and eagerly volunteered to open our Kwazulu Natal office in early 2013, this allowed us to penetrate and provide better support to our customers in the area, we now have our own depot with full stockholding in Pinetown, with a full capable team there.
We then followed this up and started with a distributor and have a local stock holding in Cape Town for those local customers. Carl Gous and his team have provided for further growth in this area since 2014.
In November 2008 we were happy to obtain the SABS 1580 mark for Gabion Baskets, and now this has given us the backing and guidance to continually achieve a stable level of quality for the products we supply into the marketplace.
In summary it is our continued and ongoing wish and desire to continue offering good quality products and services into the Southern African civil engineering industry at reasonable and fair prices. We take pride in the quality of products and support services we provide the industry and look forward to provide a larger range of related products and services into the future. Our contact and information policy is an open one and we welcome you to contact us or view our website for more information regarding our products and service offerings.
I really do take pride in a team that has become like a family to me and care for each other and our customers, and often go the extra mile to ensure the customer gets what they are looking for and need.
We thank those persons who have played a part in our interesting adventure over the past 10 years, and look forward to the next ten years together. Kindly receive our gratitude and thanks for your ongoing support and loyalty and we keenly look forward to hearing from you in the future.
May your day be special one.

Kind regards and thanks,
Louis Cheyne
Managing Director.
Gabion Baskets (Pty) Ltd


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View Our Brochure!

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