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5 nations ranked by Amazon pet product sales

After the United States, the United Kingdom had the second highest Amazon pet product sales.

Pet products sales on Amazon in the US, Canada, UK, Germany and France were examined by analysts at One Click Retail in “Consumables on Amazon: Q3 2017 Update.” The US remained the largest market in total sales with US$430 million in sales for all pet products. The United Kingdom had the second highest pet product sales on Amazon of the five countries in the report. Germany was third, followed by France and Canada.

1. United States

US sales were up 28 percent over last year, growing at 58 percent. Pet food and feeding supplies made up the largest portion of total pet product sales in the US, as pet food did in all countries.

Amazon’s pet food sales growth increased by 65 percent in the US, making it the fastest growing category within pet products.

2. United Kingdom

UK pet product sales reached GBP40 million (US$52.6 million) for Amazon, an increase of 30 percent year over year. Lintbells YuMove dog joint supplement for older dogs was the top selling item.

3. Germany

In Germany, Amazon’s pet product sales grew 200 percent to EUR35 million (US$40.8 million).

4. France

Pet food was also the fastest growing pet products sub-category in France, with a 78 percent growth rate. Amazon’s total pet sector sales of EUR10 million (US$11.6 million) in France represented a 31 percent change, growing at 51 percent.

5. Canada

At CAD5 million (US$3.94 million), Amazon’s sales in Canada’s pet product sector were the smallest, but did see growth of 149 percent, led by health care items.

Amazon pet product sector sales from October 2016-17

Amazon’s pet product sales beat US$2.2 billion in the 12 months between October 2016 and September 2017, wrote a One Click Retail pet food indistry analyst in the report “Pet Products on Amazon: 2017 Update.” Amazon pet product sales increased 33 percent year over year.

Pet food and feeding supplies made up the largest chunk of those pet product sales at US$970 million. Forty-four percent of all pet products sales were in the pet food market. Pet food also grew the most, year over year, at 47 percent. To put that in perspective, dry dog food alone was larger than any other category within pet products on Amazon.

Australian Consumer Confidence down 1.4pts to 115.0

ANZ-Roy Morgan Australian Consumer Confidence eased 1.2% this week to 115.0. Confidence remains above its long term average of 112.9. Three out of five sub-indices posted falls, including both current and future economic conditions. Households’ views towards both current and future economic conditions slipped 3.4% and 3.3% respectively last week after two weeks of solid gains. Views towards current economic conditions remain above their long term average.

  Barry Urquhart

Market big, sell small. Or is that, macro-marketing and micro-selling?
Globalism and digital marketing have dictated the need, and the advisability, to consider, if not pursue, broad-horizon opportunities.

Physical constraints and focus now limit thinking more than they impinge on operations, marketing and distributions.
Many small and medium sized entities now have the capacity to service interstate, inter-regional and international marketplaces. Capabilities and desires are quite distinct factors, for some.
A recent fleeting, but in-depth study of six city-based marketplaces in North America provided invaluable learning and understanding of the complexity of the contemporary, often contiguous economies. It also enables one to understand why the nation is titled the United States and not, the United Markets of America.
San Francisco, Seattle, Philadelphia, New York, Memphis and New Orleans are geographically dispersed. The nature, composition, character and status of the respective localised marketplaces are equally different and individualistic. 
That explains in part the market variability in the performance of national and global marketing campaigns between a spectrum of marketplaces.
Today, target audiences are today complex and challenging. Reliance on established, recognised and trusted brands, complemented with substantial multi-channel marketing budgets are inadequate to achieve optimal impact, penetration, sales and profits.
A local, active and interactive presence is imperative. Passive, stand-off philosophies do not resonate with specific consumers.
Hence, the increasing profiling of local flagship outlets for brands like Nespresso, Rolex, Apple and Ralph Lauren.
It is recognition that effective marketing creates latent potential that can be best and most proficiently converted into revenue by the presence of sales by enthusiastic, proud, committed and product-knowledge – savvy sales and service people.

It is often stated that the business of America, is business. Today, it needs to be stimulated, promoted and for deals to be closed.
Marketing, advertising, promotions and merchandising simply open the doors. Throughout the USA there is at present an all-pervasive reluctance to spend. Understandable when one realises that the average income of an American (not the minimum wage), when inflation and consumer price index increments are neutralised, have over the past 40 years increased by a miserable .2%. That is .2% over 40 years, not .2% per annum over a period of 40 years.
Thus, wages-induced wealth creation for the nation has stagnated.
Little wonder the electorate is disenchanted with politicians, political leaders and the public service. Unintended consequences, including the election of Donald Trump as President, are conspicuous.
Those in the evolving economically important millenniums generation will experience living standards marginally below those of the preceding generation. Greatest concern is held for the economic well-being of children who will enter the jobs market and economy in 10 to 20 years’ time.
The rate of economic decline will accelerate.

Infrastructure in the long-established cities, like San Francisco and New York, is aged, and in urgent need of repair, upgrading, renewal and replacement.
Sadly, the state and capital cities of those localities are deep in debt, burdened by the need to repay loans and lacking the prospect for increased revenue, generated by growing incomes.
Growth in local manufacturing is being achieved without the need to invest in new plants and capacity. Recent contractions in output and workforces are being reversed. However, capacity has not been increased and concrete plans for capital investments are scant.
Making America Great Again is a relative, not an absolute statement or goal.

Notwithstanding the barriers, filters and impediments, the USA will continue to produce entrepreneurs, digitally-disruptive entities and rapidly accumulated wealth … - for some. There will be those whose focus will be on thinking big and complementing it with an integrated and committed supply-chain populated with those who act small, and locally.
Opportunities were readily identified in retail, pharmacy, construction, finance, wholesale and accounting services. In addressing and facilitating business development workshops for those in respective disciplines, it was apparent many enthusiastically comprehended and embraced available philosophies, strategies and tactics.
Opportunities seem to be global. Fulfilment is typically local.
Amazon in Australia is a case-in-point.

Seattle, on the West Coast of the USA, in the state of Washington, is the home city for the head-offices of Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Nordstrom, Boeing and Starbucks, among others.
It has a population of some 3 million in the greater metropolitan area.
The presence of Amazon is ubitiquous, but not conspicuous. Its workforce in the city is reported to be 55,000.
An entire city block is occupied by the Amazon campus for training, development and further education. Adjacent are three high-rise buildings which accommodate most of the local Amazon team members.
Noticeably, there are no Amazon signs, logos or uniformed employees.
Macys, the largest department store chain in the world, has occupied an eight-storey building for over 108 years. It has been hit by the marketplace presence of Amazon. In recent times it has sold the top four floors for a total $110 million (US). The purchaser – Amazon. Alas, the perpetrator has become the saviour.
Commercial and residential rents, along with house prices, have spiralled in recent years, to the extent that many aspirant Amazon employees can’t afford to live in the area.
Amazon is currently searching world-wide for an affordable co-head office location. It has received a reported 238 submissions.
The company has traded in, but not from Australia, for more than a decade. Opening its first Fulfilment Centre in Victoria on Thursday, 22 November (Thanksgiving Day in the USA) heralded a new era for consumers and businesses.
A local physical presence will accelerate conversion of the potential, which has been created by its global marketing.
Point made. Lesson learnt.

Interzoo 2018 in Nuremberg

Six months before the start of Interzoo 2018 in Nuremberg, more companies have already booked their stands than at the same point in time two years ago. Exhibition organiser WZF (service provider for the pet industry) therefore expects to welcome more than 1,800 exhibitors to the world's leading trade fair for the pet industry that is set to take place from 8 to 11 May 2018.
Interzoo provides a lot of services to help its clients prepare for their exhibition appearance.

“We have good reason to announce that Interzoo 2018 will once again be the most important event in the pet supplies industry in the coming year: The display area booked is already larger than the total area covered in 2016. Of the companies that have registered so far, 80 percent come from abroad, while at the same time there has been greater interest on the part of German companies,” reports Hans-Jochen Büngener, Chairman of the Interzoo Exhibition Committee.

Walking Acts

At the venue itself, exhibitors can best draw attention to themselves by advertising on LED pylons and panels, light boxes and banners. They can also book promotional “walking acts” for the first time at the next Interzoo. These are people (maximum two working in pairs) wearing eye-catching clothing or costumes that walk through the exhibition halls as “living advertisements” to draw attention to their client’s stand. Alongside the exhibition stand, walking acts are one of the most direct and creative forms of advertising at Interzoo.

PetSmart Opens its 1,600th Store in North America

PetSmart announced it has reached a major milestone by opening its 1,600th store in its expanding store footprint across North America. The 1,600th store opened its doors last week and is located in El Paso, Texas, at 3790 Joe Battle Blvd. In addition, the leading pet specialty retailer announced the opening of its Casper, Wyoming, store last month, marking PetSmart’s presence now in all 50 U.S. states.

The 1,600th PetSmart store in El Paso features nearly 18,000 square feet of space and includes a Pinnacle Pet Nutrition Shop, which is a new feature in all new PetSmart stores. The shops are about 550 square feet and offer 400-plus items across several brands and an expanded collection of pet food products featuring high-protein, natural, grain-free, minimally processed and raw pet food. These pet food types are the fastest growing in the overall pet food category, and include brands such as Only Natural Pet, a natural pet line that is protein-first, sustainably produced, American-manufactured pet food, as well as a line of supplements and other natural pet solutions.

Resilient reefs offer hope for regeneration

Coral colony showing signs of bleaching, with white branches indicating
recent stress from elevated sea temperatures. Credit: Peter J. Mumby.

Just three per cent of the Great Barrier Reef’s corals may hold the key to regenerating reefs damaged after major disturbances, new research reveals.

Researchers from The University of Queensland, CSIRO, Australian Institute of Marine Science and the University of Sheffield have pinpointed 100 reefs that have the potential to supply larvae to almost half of the Great Barrier Reef’s ecosystem in one year.

UQ School of Biological Sciences and ARC Centre of Excellence in Coral Reef Studies Professor Peter Mumby said these reefs appeared to be less at risk of the damaging effects of bleaching and starfish predation.

“They are well connected to other downstream reefs by ocean currents and can provide coral larvae (fertilised eggs), which float on ocean currents, to support the recovery of other reefs,” Professor Mumby said.

The Great Barrier Reef, consisting of more than 3800 individual reefs, has suffered from unprecedented coral bleaching events over the past two years, and widespread outbreaks of coral-eating crown-of-thorns starfish.

Professor Mumby said the 100 reefs were located in consistently cool areas which rarely experienced damage from coral bleaching.

“Corals on these reefs should fare relatively well and be able to supply larvae to as many reefs as possible, without spreading the pest, crown-of-thorns starfish,” Professor Mumby said.

“Finding these 100 reefs is a little like revealing the cardiovascular system of the Great Barrier Reef.”

Professor Mumby said saving the Great Barrier Reef was possible but required serious mitigation of climate change and continued investments in water quality improvement, starfish control, and local protection.

“Our results can inform where management agencies target on-the-ground actions,” he said.

UQ School of Biological Sciences Dr Karlo Hock said the presence of these well-connected reefs meant the whole system of coral reefs possessed a level of resilience to help it bounce back from disturbances.

“Identifying only 100 reefs with this potential across the length of the entire 2300km Great Barrier Reef emphasises the need for effective local protection of critical locations, and carbon emission reductions to support this ecosystem,” Dr Hock said.

The study was published in PLOS Biology (doi 10.1371/journal.pbio.2003355) and funded by the National Environmental Science Programme, ARC Linkage grant, Queensland Accelerate Partnership, Great Barrier Reef Foundation, Science and Industry Endowment Fund, and the National Environmental Research Program.

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