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Greencross says it can resist Amazon

Pet care retailer and veterinary services provider Greencross believes it can withstand the entry of online retailing giant Amazon into the Australian market because its business has unique features.

Greencross chairman Stuart James says his company has the advantage of employing more than 650 vets and can provide a “one-stop” for pet owners seeking veterinary services, grooming salons, dog wash, pet insurance, pet hotel booking, dog walking and obedience training.

James also says that Greencross has a large and loyal customer base, with more than 87 per cent of the group’s sales made on the group loyalty card, which provides the company with in valuable data on pet owners’ shopping habits.

“A lot has been made recently of the potential impact of Amazon on the Australian retail landscape,” James said at the company’s annual general meeting in Wednesday.

“In response to this discussion, it is worth pointing out that our business has many unique features which differentiate us from both online and bricks-and-mortar competitors.”

James said Greencross is taking steps to upgrade its store formats, with greater emphasis on services and pet interaction.

Greencross is also expanding its own online business, which grew by 55 per cent in fiscal 2017.

He said click-and-collect sales, where customers order online and pick up the goods in-store had grown to over 40 per cent of online transactions and could not be replicated by pure online retailers.

“I firmly believe Greencross has the right platform and business strategy in place to enhance our position as the leading specialist player in the Australian pet care market,” James said.

Importation of psittacine birds (household pet, non-commercial and zoo)


​​The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources has commenced a review for the importation of household pet, non-commercial and zoo psittacine birds into Australia.

There are three principal steps in the process.

  1. The department announced the commencement of the review via the release of Biosecurity Advice 2016-14.
  2. The department will prepare a draft report which will be released for a 60-day stakeholder comment period. The draft report will outline the identified biosecurity risks and proposed risk management measures to achieve Australia’s appropriate level of protection (ALOP).
  3. The department will consider stakeholder comments and publish a final report. The final report marks the end of this review process.

Stakeholder consultation

The department will consult with stakeholders when the draft report is released. Stakeholders will be able to make submissions on the draft report for consideration by the department.

For more information, stakeholders can email Animal Biosecurity or register as a stakeholder to be kept informed about this and other risk reviews of interest.

Timing for this process

It is anticipated that the draft report will be available for comment in 2018.

"The ultimate guide to traveling with pets"  
Holidays are best when the whole family can get together and enjoy the trip, but what about those members of the family who walk on all fours and are covered with fur?
You may have considered taking your furry bundle of joy away with you on holidays. But have you put much thought into the logistics of travelling with your fluffy companion?
A good deal of preparation and planning is a must whenever you go on holiday, but if you have pets, your to-do list may be that much longer.  
If you do take your furry friend away with you, you’ll need to think of a pet-friendly destination and pack all the necessities. On the other hand you may opt to leave your fluffy family member in the care of someone else. Whatever you decide, you’ll want to ensure that your four-legged friend is in safe hands.

You can view the guide here:

Kong's celebrate 25 years in the industry at AusPet2017
Nine cheer up with a pup.

As one ‘L’ leaves, another takes her place... TODAY Extra announce the arrival of Lexi, their very own Assistance Pup-in-training!

The Nine Network’s TODAY Extra announce that they will be following the progress of a small, adorably cute chocolate Labrador called Lexi.

Assistance Dogs Australia, a small but national, not-for-profit organisation, have partnered with the network to take their viewers behind the scenes to understand more about the journey of a cute pup to become a dog that, in many instances, not only changes but saves someone’s life. On Friday, the morning TV show hosts David Campbell and Sonia Kruger fell under the charms of a litter comprising of Lexi and her three siblings (two chocolate and two black) — all bearing names beginning with the letter L. CEO Richard Lord quietly suggested that Lexi joining the staff of Nine was “the biggest news in television that week”, to the amusement of David Campbell.

In the coming weeks and months, viewers will enter the world of a Puppy Educator, see how the experts go about training a dog and probably fall in love with the idea of raising an Assistance Pup-in-training for the first 12-15 months of its life. No doubt, that’s what the charity is hoping for…

Royal honour for Australian-bred horses

Australian-bred horses were exported to Thailand earlier this year to participate in the Cavalry Honour Guard for the Royal Cremation Ceremony for His Majesty the Late King Bhumibol Adulyadej on 29 October 2017.
The horses were involved in the sixth procession to transfer the Royal Ashes from Phra Sri Rattana Chedi in the Temple of the Emerald Buddha to be enshrined at Wat Rajabopidh and Wat Bovoranives.
Head of the Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources’ Exports Division, Fran Freeman, said she was pleased Australian-bred horses were selected to play a role in honouring His Majesty the Late King during this solemn mourning period.
“The passing of His Majesty the Late King Bhumibol Adulyadej is a time of deep sorrow for the Thai people and we offer our condolences during this difficult time,” Ms Freeman said.
“The best horses were handpicked from across Australia by the Royal Thai Army’s 29th Cavalry Squadron, King’s Guard for their temperament, good health and physical attributes.
“Australian Government veterinarians examined the horses for any signs of disease or injury prior to export and certified that the horses met Thai importing conditions.
“The horses were safely transported to Thailand in August before successfully undergoing the mandatory 30 days of quarantine on arrival, where they acclimatised to their new environment.
“Australian horses are highly sought after in Thailand—they’re already accustomed to the heat, they’re generally of a smaller build suitable for the climate and the journey to Thailand is relatively brief.
“The Thai Cavalry have a history of importing Australian horses for their work and breeding programs. The 55 horses recently exported increased their number of working horses from approximately 160 to over 200.”

Australian Consumer Confidence up 0.8% to 113.3

ANZ-Roy Morgan Australian Consumer Confidence bounced back from last week’s decline, rising 0.8% on a weekly basis to 113.3. This takes the index back above its long-term average. The gain was driven by improvements in expectations for the near- and long-term economic outlook. The outlook on economic conditions over the coming year improved by 4.3% from the previous week to 103.5, the highest since July, and above the long-term average for the first time in two months. Expectations about economic conditions in the next five years rose 3.5%.

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