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Sydney University brainwashing vets with junk pet-food propaganda

There’s a crisis in Australian vet education where most vet schools are bought and paid for by the junk pet-food multinationals — notably Mars Inc., makers of Royal Canin, Pal, Whiskas etc. and Colgate-Palmolive makers of Hill’s Science Diet and Nestlé makers of Purina and Friskies. 

Sydney University spent $25,000 on lawyers’ fees in the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal blocking access to its secret ‘sponsorship’ deals with junk pet-food companies, Mars and Colgate.

The University indoctrinates vet students with junk food propaganda and sells its sponsors’ junk pet-food in its vet clinic. The healthful natural standard is specifically demonised.

Sydney University Centre for Veterinary Education (CVE) is a serial offender. Junk food proponents organise and teach CVE refresher courses for practicing vets.

The CVE 19-23 February 2018 Internal Medicine Conference is organised by Professor Jill Maddison, a junk food ‘consultant’. All promotional material for the course, and directed at vets, prominently displays the ‘platinum’ Royal Canin and ‘gold’ Science Diet sponsors’ logos. Vets will gather to hear about fancy, expensive treatments for end-stage diseases — diseases mostly due to a daily diet of the sponsors’ packaged junk!

 Professor Maddison told Channel 7 TV:

I am a consultant for Friskies Petcare [division of Nestlé] because I believe that the nutritional value of good quality commercial food has improved the nutrition of our pets.

Drs Tom Lonsdale and Breck Muir say:

·         Don’t believe the false advertising.

·         Junk pet-food money lubricates the propaganda mill and controls the vet group-think.

·         Packaged junk food devastates the health of pets.

·         It’s all a nasty hoax. Pet owners pay dearly, vet students are brainwashed and cheated; pets pay with their lives.

Dr Lonsdale has filed a Government Information Public Access inquiry in an endeavour to follow the money trail.
Source: aap

Celebrate the Year of the Dog -

Bring your canine friends to the Maritime Museum
Paws and Claws family fun day - Sunday 4th March, 11am – 4pm

To celebrate this Lunar New Year – the Year of the Dog – the Australian National Maritime Museum is hosting a ‘pawesome’ family event on Sunday 4th March. Museum working dog Bailey, Assistant Director of Seagulls, invites children and dog lovers to bring their four legged friends to the museum precinct and enjoy activities inspired by animals featured in our exhibitions. Learn animal stories through performances, tours, trails, face painting, dress ups and creative crafts.
The full program includes:
Outdoor activities for dogs - Canine Capers - 10am – 2pm
Bring your precious pooch to engage in photo opportunities, pet portrait workshops, pet industry market stalls, prizes, dog treats and puppy minding by Mad Paws.
*To ensure a smooth day please make sure your doggy is fully vaccinated, on a leash at all times, is socialised and generally non-aggressive to people or other dogs.
Kids Craft Actvities – Paws and Claws - 11am – 3pm
Enjoy dress-ups, art making and games inspired around our furry friends! Make an animal mask or hat, print tote bags or a souvenir badge.
Meet and greet – Bailey, Assistant Director of Seagulls - 11am, 2pm
Meet the museum’s working dog Bailey, Assistant Director of Seagulls and witness his sensational seagull chasing abilities!
Collaborative art making - Bling on Bailey - 11am – 3pm
Join in making a collaborative artwork inspired by our favourite museum employee!
Animal inspired Face painting - 11am – 3.30pm
Character appearance – Mischa the Polar Bear - 11.15am, 3.30pm
Meet and have your picture taken with Mischa, our roving polar bear character, in association with our Arctic Voices exhibition.
Circus show - The Stowaway Critter Circus Show - 1.30pm, 2.30pm, 3.30pm
Enjoy interactive circus performances centered on the unusual passengers who dwelled aboard the museum’s RAN Destroyer HMAS Vampire.
Saltwater Stories and live animal encounter - 11.30am, 12.30am, 2pm
Join in stories and songs and animal encounters inspired by our Gapu Monuk Saltwater exhibition with Dharawal Knowledge keeper, Shannon Foster.
Lion Dance Performance – 3pm
Witness members from the martial arts academy Dong Thanh Alliance perform a lion dance to celebrate Lunar New Year.
Mandarin Touch Trolley - Creature Feature –10am, 2pm
To celebrate Lunar New Year, our cabinet of curiosities will be offering Mandarin language translated sessions of our popular touch table featuring specimens and artefacts from the education collection.
All Paws and Claws day activities are included in Activities ticket $8 Adult, $6 Child or any paid entry
The Australian National Maritime Museum, in Darling Harbour, is open from 9.30am to 5pm. All enquiries (02) 9298 3777 or visit
Dogs NSW supports government initiative, but not to harm responsible hobby breeding
Dogs NSW, the peak body for all purebred dogs in New South Wales, has submitted an extensive response to the proposed revision of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Breeding Dogs and Cats) Standards 2017 under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Regulation 2012.

“Dogs NSW supports the government’s initiative to ensure the welfare of all puppies bred in NSW, as well as the revision of the POCTA Standards and Guidelines to ensure that substandard puppy farms are eliminated, and intensive commercial breeding facilities are regulated appropriately. But we do not want responsible hobby breeding to be harmed in any way,” said Brian Crump, spokesperson for Dogs NSW.
With more than 9,000 members of pedigree breeders and dog owners, Dogs NSW is a globally-recognised peak body that promotes breeding, showing, trialling, obedience and other canine-related activities, and the ownership of temperamentally and physically sound purebred dogs - registered with the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) – in NSW.

Dogs NSW’s submission follows a lengthy consultation with members, including a meeting live-streamed online on December 18 to an audience of 22,000 dog lovers from across the country
Dogs NSW’s proposal encourages responsible breeding

“Dogs NSW’s re-draft of the POCTA Standards and Guidelines will allow for successful regulation of intensive commercial breeding facilities whilst not imposing punitive restrictions on small-scale hobby breeders. Particularly those who - as members of Dogs NSW - are already regulated and accountable to the Dogs NSW Code of Ethics,” said Mr Crump.

The Dogs NSW Code of Ethics has been in place for many years and is stringently enforced by Dogs NSW through its compliance and judicial regime, he added.

Dogs NSW further seeks to distinguish between hobby breeding and intensive commercial breeding where more than ten breeding bitches are involved

“We strongly believe that, should the Standards and Guidelines be introduced, small scale Dogs NSW breeders will be unable to meet the exhaustive commercial requirements, thus pushing the breeding of dogs and cats directly towards the large commercial enterprises,” said Mr Crump.

“The likely impacts would include a reduction of pedigree breeds, the demise of Dogs NSW flagship events and sports and compliance monitoring by Dogs NSW and welfare standards would be negatively impacted.”

Dogs NSW breeders make a positive difference in society by supplying puppies to organisations such as NSW Police, Assistance Dogs Australia and Guide Dogs NSW/ACT.

“We hope the Minister (The Hon Niall Blair MLC) will recognise the very special position that Dogs NSW breeders hold in the community with their ongoing health testing and ability to breed dogs fit for purpose (ie working dogs, assistance dogs),” said Mr Crump.  “We look further to discussing how we may assist the Government in their commendable efforts to ensure improved health and welfare for all canines in NSW.”
Dogs NSW urges members and all dog lovers to contact their local member of Parliament and raise their concerns about the profound impact these Standards will have on the future of purebred dogs in NSW
Dogs NSW’s response submission to the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Breeding dogs and cats) Standards 2017 Draft document is available on or direct link here.

Slithering Scare


Pet Insurance Australia is urging all Australians to be snake cautious over the next month few months to avoid serious pet injuries.


“It’s hot, it’s dry and many areas around Australia are noting the increase in snake activity,” Nadia Crighton from Pet Insurance Australia says. “To your pet, these slithering creatures look like lots of fun to play with, that can ultimately spell disaster for your beloved pet.”


PetSure, the administrator for more than 80% of the companion pet insurance policies in Australia, has also noted an increase in yearly claims of approximately 200 cases from 2016 to 2017.


“Snakes are becoming an increasing problem for pets across Australia,” Nadia Crighton from Pet Insurance Australia says. “In the single month of January, we have seen an increase of around 40% nationwide in claims related to snake bite injuries.”


“You also need to take into account the extra sign-up of policies during this time frame, however it is a clear indication that Australia wide this is becoming an increasing problem as the numbers just keep climbing,” Crighton says.


Preventing Snakes


If you notice snake activity in or around your home, call in the experts and have the snake removed as quickly as possible. Other ideas to help keep your home snake free include;


·      Empty water features

·      Remove log piles

·      Keep grass short

·      Remove rubbish and debris from around the home

·      Speak to a professional dog trainer about training your dog to leave snakes alone

·      Check for snakes and skins around the home

·      Keep dog areas free from ‘hiding’ areas

·      Do not let your dog off leash in high-risk areas

·      Consider keeping cats indoors during high-risk months


“We see a large increase in claims from the months of September to March,” Nadia Crighton says. “During this time, we urge pet owners to take care in regard to snakes.”


“If you do suspect you have a snake on your property, call in the experts. They can help you track down the snake and will also provide you with ample information to keep your pet safe,” Crighton says. “They will also know if you have a snake problem in your area and other things to be aware of.”


If your pet is bitten by a snake, or you suspect they have been bitten, take them quickly to your local veterinarian emergency hospital. It is imperative you seek vet treatment promptly to avoid complications.


“It’s also a good idea to watch your pet’s behavior,” Crighton advises. “If they are jumping and yapping at something in the yard or when off leash; go and check it out, it could possibly be a snake.”

Amazon to expand its online pet food, pet products

Amazon expects to reach US$8.2 billion in pet products sales in 2018.

During the Pet Industry Leadership Conference, Amazon executives presented the company’s plans to expand further into the online pet food retail market, reported Pet Business. Third-party analysts forecast Amazon to reach US$8.2 billion in online pet products sales in 2018, which would account for 16 percent market share based on American Pet Products Association data.

Amazon identified pet products as a highly valuable category with growth potential, according to the report. Pets are already in the top three of voice shopping categories on Amazon’s Alexa devices. Amazon aims to make their selection of pet products the world’s largest. In the companies warehouses, robotics innovations are making it easier to handle heavy, bulky products like pet food and cat litter.

Amazon’s Pet Profiles now allow users to enter their pets’ specific information. Amazon is also using their own employee’s experiences with pets to inform the company’s business choices.

Brick-and-mortar pet specialty retailers have used their ability to educate and form personal relationships with pet owners. However, Amazon now plans to become a pet education and information resource, as well, and thereby build customer rapport, according to the report.

Amazon pet food sales hit US$1.4 billion in 2017

One Click Retail analysts estimated that in 2017, sales of pet consumables on Amazon, including dog and cat food, reached US$1.4 billion. That figure represents a 38 percent increase over 2016’s Amazon pet food sales.

Pet consumables made up 73 percent of pet product sales on Amazon, according to One Click Retail’s report “Amazon Consumables 2017 Review.” In the US, UK, and Germany, pet food was the largest category of consumables by a wide margin. Sales were split fairly evenly between dog and cat food.

Amazon pet profile aids online pet food buying

Amazon now allows users to create a profile for their pet to help users find and select pet foods on Amazon. The online retail giant offers a monthly email with the profile that includes pet food and product coupons and tips.

Amazon first asks users the type of their pet, such as dog, cat, reptile or even horse. Pet owners then enter their animal’s name, followed by breed, including mixed, and age. The mixed breed option gives users the ability to select multiple breeds.

Rapid growth seen in China Pet food market

Chinese pet food industry is well-established, which covers dry food, wet food, snack and health products.

The market value of China pet industry has reached to RMB 134 billion(USD 21.2 billion), among these, pet food exceeds more than RMB 30 billion ( USD 4.6 billion). There is intense market competition in pet food market. Pet food consumption accounted for the largest part among all.

Pet food

International brands occupy 50% of the market share. Dry food dominates the market, especially dog dry food which occupies 70% of market share. According to China Pet Industry White Paper, consumers don’t have much brand loyalty. They pay more attention to nutrition, palatability and value for money.

Pet treat

80% of the top 10 dog treat are domestic brands. Here are some popular domestic brands: Cpet is famous for its chews and biscuit, Wanpy is loved by its chicken jerky slice and customers favour frozen dried snack from Ranova.

Health product

According to the data from taobao/tmall (China leading online retailer), 7 of the top 10 most popular health product are domestic brands. The consumers’ requirement of customerised product has put domestic brands up in challenge.

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Brands include Wahl Pet Clippers, Denman Brushes, DOGlite LED Accessories, Hamish McBeth, Henry Hottie Therapeutic Beds, F10 Vet Products, Organic Pet Pharmacy Natural Organic Pet Care, Blackhound Crates, and more.

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From pampered to presidential, our pets are the new family favourite

Having one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world, it’s no surprise Aussies love their pets, but a new survey has found we’re willing to go to extremes to keep them happy.

Australians are spending more than ever on their pets, and with animals now enjoying holidays, iPads and their own birthday cake, it seems our furry friends have moved from pampered to presidential
A PETstock online survey of more than 800 Australian dog and cat owners conducted between 8/9/17 and 15/9/17 has found 58 per cent of owners purchase Christmas treats for their pets and 44 per cent of owners would consider purchasing an airfare to take their pet on holiday.

PETstock Chief Executive Officer Shane Young said animals are increasingly being treated as any other member of the family, and in some cases, even better!

“Pets are now being included in important family milestones including Christmas, Easter, weddings and even have their own birthday celebrations,” he said
“27 per cent of owners said their furry-friend has had their own pet birthday cake, 21 per cent provide pet-friendly chocolate at Easter and 60 per cent of owners would consider including their pet in their wedding ceremony

Mr Young also said if you feel like pets are popping up everywhere, you wouldn’t be wrong.

“People are increasingly including their pets in everyday life – taking them to restaurants (25 per cent), including them in family portraits (23 per cent), and booking flights to take them on holidays (4 per cent).
“Our survey also found that these behaviours are on the increase with a majority of respondents saying they’d consider including their pets in these activities.”

When asked about technology, 55 per cent of owners said they would consider installing a pet cam, showing owners’ dedication to keeping their pets happy 24/7 even when they’re not home.

Mr Young said it’s understandable owners were willing to invest in technology to keep an eye on their animals when alone.

“For most of us, pets being left alone for some portion of the day is unavoidable, but there’s nothing worse than the sad look on their face and the guilt you feel leaving them,” he said.

“Pet cameras are a great way to check in on them when you’re gone and can help take away some of the stress of leaving.

“Leaving pets with interactive toys is another great way to keep them happy while you’re away, we even had one respondent tell us their cat has its own iPad for when she’s home alone!”
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