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Singleton Council operating pound in appalling conditions

The Hunter/Central Coast regional group of the Animal Justice Party (NSW) condemns the appalling conditions at Singleton pound and will be making a formal complaint to the RSPCA.

AJP NSW demands that simple, yet necessary upgrades be undertaken by council immediately.

Yesterday evening a local AJP member visited the pound and observed the disturbing sight of an impounded white Labrador, caged, unprotected from the elements, no raised bed and no blanket or jacket. As the prediction of temperatures as low as 1 degree overnight with wind and rain, Singleton Council continues to fail in its duty of care to this innocent animal and indeed past and future animals unlucky enough to be impounded by the council.

 AJP Hunter spokesperson, Joshua Agland: “The council run pound is completely inadequate and fails the most basic of requirements to ensure animals do not suffer because of exposure to the elements. Singleton Mayor Sue Moore may like to say that everything is ok and that her council is considering plans for a new facility but reality is, the pound as it stands right now is far from ok.”

The current facility and indeed the situation being endured by the white Labrador fails the most basic requirements set out in government legislation and codes of practice. The NSW Animal Welfare Code of Practice No 5 - Dogs and cats in animal boarding establishments states under Section 3.2.1 where a facility is outdoors they must protect from rain and wind, provide adequate shade, and be partially enclosed to provide a sheltered sleeping area. Section 3.5 in relation to temperature states; Animals must be protected from extremes of temperature and the environmental temperature controlled to minimise distress to animals. Section 3.9 in relation to bedding states; All kennels should be provided with a raised sleeping area and sufficient bedding, appropriate to the breed, or trampoline-style beds.

AJP Hunter spokesperson, Joshua Agland:
“This is an appalling situation that has been going on for too long now. It appears Singleton Council and its elected representatives have little knowledge or care for the conditions endured by the innocent animals who, through no fault of their own, have been impounded in this facility.

These council facilities are operating using rate payer’s money, they have previously received NSW taxpayer’s money to upgrade animal holding facilities, yet, the suffering continues. To use funding or resources as an excuse for an animal not to have the basic requirements such as a raised bed and blanket is inexcusable. Especially when we have so many dedicated rescue groups operating on donations willing to donate a bed, blankets, and jacket to the council for the dog. Even our local AJP group is willing to donate a bed, blanket, and jacket to provide some basic care.”

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The ANZ-Roy Morgan New Zealand Consumer Confidence Index has eased from 127.8 to 125.4 in July 2017, although it is still the second-highest result in the past five months. The Current Conditions Index fell 4 points to 124.9, while Future Conditions dipped 1 point to 125.8. Consumers' views of their own financial position eased from +14 to +10. Consumers' views regarding their own financial situation in 12 months' time were little changed at +32 (+33 previously). Net optimism towards the economy one year out dipped from +25 to +23, and when assessing the five-year economic outlook, optimism held at +23, which is well above the average since 2015.

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Pet Industry Mergers & Acquisitions in the US: The First Half of 2017
Imagine this:
You’re an independent business in the pet industry. You’re plodding along, day by day, doing everything you can to grow this baby of yours to the point of success and beyond.
One day, a larger, more successful business comes up to you and offers a large sum of money in exchange for a chance to take over a large portion of your business.
Will you do it?
Mergers and acquisitions happen in the pet industry all the time, and everyone from pet product manufacturers to retailers and distributors are involved. In fact, the largest e-commerce acquisition in history has occurred just this year.
With so much going on, it can be hard to keep up with the constant flow of notifications related to these business transactions. Therefore, here’s a roundup of some of the top pet industry mergers and acquisitions in 2017 to date.

Olympus Partners and…
Olympus Partners has recently acquired Petmate Holdings Co. (otherwise known as Petmate), a prominent producer of pet products ranging from dog crates and bedding to bird baths and cat toys.
Alice Tillett, CEO of Petmate, told Pet Business Magazine that they “are happy to partner with Olympus and believe they are ideally positioned to support our next phase of growth and development. We look forward to working with them as we continue to focus on building out the leading pet products company and bringing innovative new ideas and products to our customers.”
What this means for the pet industry: Petmate has been growing rapidly in recent years, and shows no potential for slowing down. Pet product manufacturers in related categories will need to keep a close eye on the lucrative company, especially with its added resources from the acquisition.
Central Garden & Pet and…
Central Garden and Pet has acquired K&H Manufacturing, a producer of pet products that’s most known for its selection of heated outdoor products for pets.
George Roeth, president and CEO of Central Garden & Pet told Pet Business Magazine that “Central and K&H have a shared passion for bringing consumers high quality, innovative, value-added products that help pet owners give their pets a more comfortable and caring environment. Together, we can continue to grow the category and develop exciting new products.”
What this means for the pet industry: The added resources on both sides will allow both Central Garden & Pet and K&H Manufacturing to grow their offerings within the pet industry. K&H will likely produce new products under their brand and grow the categories that they currently sell in.

Spectrum Brands and…
Spectrum Brands Holdings, Inc. (owner of brands including Nature’s Miracle, Litter Maid, and Furminator, among others) has recently expanded its product offerings within the lucrative dog treat category with the acquisition of PetMatrix, LLC which closed at the end of May 2017.
PetMatrix is the pet product manufacturer of two brands of alternative rawhide treats for dogs: DreamBone and SmartBones. Both are marketed as the “healthy alternative to rawhide,” offering dogs a rawhide-free treat filled with vegetables, chicken, and vitamins & minerals.
Andreas Rouvé, Chief Executive Officer of Spectrum Brands Holdings, told Pet Business Magazine that, with this acquisition, they “expect it to further solidify Spectrum Brands as a leader in the North American dog chews category and to provide compelling white space revenue opportunities in Europe, Latin America and Asia."
What it means for the pet industry: The dog treats category is one that has always been lucrative: dogs are one of the most popular pets in the United States, and dog owners love to treat their dogs. Spectrum Brands will no doubt use its resources to build up PetMatrix as a key player in the game, and one that competitors may need to look out for.
Animal Supply Company and…
The game of larger distributors acquiring smaller distributors is one that is commonly played in the pet industry, and Animal Supply Company is “winning” with the recent acquisition of LADs Pet Supplies.
Don McIntyre, CEO of Animal Supply Company (ASC) told Pet Business Magazine that, “Expanding our presence in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic, furthering our relationship with our current customers and welcoming new customers to the ASC family further grows our distribution platform essential to our strategic plan.”
What this means for the pet industry: Apparently not much, particularly for retailers and manufacturers. LADs Pet Supplies will continue to operate as such and service its customers as it always has.

PetSmart and…
In what is commonly referred to as the largest e-commerce acquisition in history, PetSmart acquired in April 2017. This large acquisition puts both companies in a position of power that might even allow them to compete with Amazon.
What this means for the pet industry: According to Mark Kalaygian, Editor in Chief of Pet Business Magazine, the deal may not be as dangerous to independent pet retailers as some may think. Instead, Kalaygian states that it takes the bite out of by driving manufacturers to pull their products out of both retailers and forcing prices to increase on Chewy’s site to ensure profitability.
Phillips Pet Food & Supplies and…
Phillips Pet Food & Supplies, a major player in the United States’ pet product distribution game, acquired Pet Flow in March 2017. With Pet Flow being a noteworthy e-commerce retailer, it allows Phillips the opportunity to enter the game of online retail, and a chance to stand out from its competitors.
Bryan Jaffe, the managing director and co-head of Cascadia Capital’s consumer and retail practice, told that, “The acquisition of PetFlow by Phillips uniquely positions the acquirer as a provider of ecommerce capabilities to its customer base of independent specialty retailers, many of whom do not possess the capital or expertise to compete in digital.”
What this means for the pet industry: Prepare to enter the world of omnichannel practices along with many other industries. Whether you like it or not, customers are using the Internet to research products, brands, and reviews. Incorporating these practices, and your communication, with your customers’ overall experience is the key to survival in the digital age.

As you can see, a lot has happened during the first two quarters of 2017. Olympus Partners acquired Petmate, Central Garden & Pet acquired K&H Manufacturing, Spectrum Brands acquired PetMatrix, Animal Supply Company acquired LADs Pet Supplies, PetSmart acquired, and Phillips Pet Food & Supplies acquired Pet Flow.

Source: WPA Newsfeed

Bühler builds first industrial-scale insect processing plant in Europe

Bühler Insect Technology will build its first industrial plant to process black solider flies for animal nutrition together with its partner Protix in the Netherlands.

Bühler will deliver the technology, equipment, and process know how for the rearing and processing of the insects and the feedstock preparation. Start of operation is planned for the first half of 2018. Andreas Aepli, CEO of Bühler Insect Technology, says: “With this first industrial insect protein production plant we will make an important step towards a more sustainable global food and feed value chain”.

Sustainable protein

Protein is an essential component of nutrition for both humans and animals. About 15% of the daily energy intake should be covered by protein, to build and repair the cells that sustain life. Agriculture produces roughly 525 million tonnes of plant protein a year, found in corn, rice, wheat, or soybeans. However, today’s protein production is not sustainable: Only 25% of proteins land as vegetable proteins on our plates, while 15% are wasted and 60% are used to produce animal protein. Furthermore, with the growing world population, protein production needs to double by 2050. Experts agree this cannot be achieved using traditional farming practices and resources, which is why alternative sources for protein such insects or algae are becoming increasingly important. Insects offer a sustainable alternative: Grown on organic residues, they can recover up to 70% of nutrients, thus recycling these underutilized streams back to the food value chain.

Largest insect-processing plant on an industrial scale in Europe

In January 2017, Bühler and Protix founded the joint venture Bühler Insect Technology to serve the insect processing industry. Building the first black soldier fly processing plant in Europe together is the next step in this cooperation and will serve as a modular and scalable blueprint for future projects.

The plant will be situated in the Netherlands and will serve customers in the feed industry. With construction starting this year, the plant is expected to be operational in the first half of 2018. It will produce protein meal and lipids that are used in the animal nutrition sector to feed pigs, chicken, fish, and domestic animals. The black soldier fly larvae are fed carefully selected organic byproducts from local distilleries, food producers and vegetable collectors in the Netherlands, which further underlines the sustainability of the process.

Find more information about insects as a sustainable protein source:

Find more information about Protix:
Source: Global Pets Community

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