Rhif ffon / Phone: 01766 780576
Mis Mawrth / March 2015
Thank you to all those who came and 'shook' their stuff at the Ratz Alley evening. It was wonderful to share the evening with so many supporters of all ages ! A magnificent £1500 was raised and a great time was had by all and a big Thank You to the Friends of the Centre for organising this event.

Check out the details below for the Rock Ardudwy Concert - tickets are selling fast so don't miss the opportunity to join the first Harlech Music Festival !

Looking ahead, Easter will be with us very shortly - if you have family or friends coming to visit over the holiday period why not bring them down to your centre for a swim or let the kids expend some energy at one of the fun sessions or try your hand at kayaking or climbing (it's not as hard as it looks and is great fun). Then how about finishing it all off with a delicious home made meal or a drink and cake in the Cafe.  

Take a look at the timetables - just click on the links below or visit our website for further information.

Loteri Cymunedol / Community Lottery

Mae'r loteri wedi cael ei sefydlu fel ffordd wahanol o gefnogi'r ganolfan yma - rydym angen fwy o bres i gynnal y ganolfan.  Mae cyfle i chi gefnogi'r ganolfan drwy roi pres bob mis neu flynyddol ac wedyn fydd y loteri yn cael i dynnu bod 3 mis. Fydd 80% o’r pres yn y banc yn mynd i'r ganolfan a fydd 20% yn cael ei rhoi fel gwobr.  Felly, drwy gefnogi'r loteri rydych yn help i gadw'r ganolfan ar agor ac mae'n bosib i chi ennill pres mawr hefyd.

The lottery has been set up as a different way of supporting the centre - we need more money in order to keep the centre open.  This is your chance of supporting the centre by putting money into the lottery either monthly or annually - a draw will take place every 3 months and 80% of the money in the bank will go to the centre and the other 20% will be given as a prize.  So by supporting the lottery - you are helping to keep the centre open but also have a chance of winning some big money.

Am fwy o wybodaeth / For more information :
Alice Wells, or you may know her as May Wells or even Mai, Talsarnau is the latest Lottery Winner for the Draw that took place at the end of February 2015.  Nicky Roberts (Volunteer Board Member) presented a cheque for £209.40, this is what she had to say 'It's nice to help the pool stay open - the pool is the best thing ever to come to Harlech.  Hope it stays for years to come.  What a lovely surprise to win the Lottery and I hope I win again!". 
We hope you win again too and thank you for supporting us and signing up to the Community Lottery.

Rock Ardudwy 13.06.15 

Bandiau Byw - Lefydd Bwyd - Bar / Live Bands - Food Outlets - Bar
14.00 - 24.00 Maes Parcio  y Ganolfan / Centre's Car Park

Tocynnau ar Gael / Tickets Available:
Derbynfa y Ganolfan / Centre's Reception
Swyddfa Bost / Post Office, Harlech
Castle Hair Studio, Harlech
Cadwgan Inn, Dyffryn Ardudwy

Pris - Tocyn Cynnar - Early Bird Tickets
Tocyn 15+ oed / Tickets 15+ (£15.00)
Tocyn 11-15 oed / Tickets 11 - 15 yr olds (£12.00)
Am fwy o fanylion / For more information:

Pwll Nofio /Swimming Pool

Amserlen Newydd / New Timetable :
Nofio Lon ar gael / Lane Swimming Sessions    Hwyl Plant / Kids Fun
Gwersi Nofio / Swimming Lessons

Wal Ddringo/Climbing Wall

Amselen / Timetable:


Another success story for the Climbing Wall Team !

Harlech Youth Climbing Team attended the 2nd round of the BMC Youth Series in North Wales, at The Boardroom, Queensferry, on Saturday, 21st February, boasting continued successes!! Danny Collier and Esme Fothergill came in first place, Nathaniel Eastwood in second place; Iona Sloan-Lewis was third, while Santi Sloan-Backes came fifth in their respective categories. Four of them will be going to the BMC Cymru/Wales Final at the Beacon on the 21st March 2015!

Coaches Chris Brook and Jeannie Sherwood are delighted with the youngsters’ accomplishments who have only been training since the team was formed in Sept 2014. Top placed competitors at the Welsh final will then go on to compete in the UK National Final at the impressive Edinburgh International Climbing Arena on the 25th April. We would like to wish them the best of luck! Go Harlech Team!

Caffi / Cafe

Dewch draw am baned, cacen neu bryd o fwyd
Come over for a cuppa, piece of cake or a homemade meal.

Brecwast - cinio neu te ar gael / Breakfast - Dinner or tea available
Cino Dydd Sul - rhaid llogi bwrdd / Sunday Lunch - please book

COME DINE WITH US! Monthly Dinner Party - our next Dinner Party will be held on Saturday 21.03.15 @ 7.00 pm with Local Chef, Linda Soar.  You will have a 3 course meal with coffee for £17 a head - a choice of starter/main and sweet.  Bring your own Wine/Beer/Juice - Corkage £1 a bottle.  A great evening of wonderful food and lovely atmosphere - you won't believe its our Cafe! Please book in advance as these evenings are very popular.
Rhif ffon / Phone: 01766 780576 / 781626
Ydych chi'n siarad a ysgrifennu yn Gymraeg?
Mae angen rhywun, neu dîm o bobl sy'n barod i gyfieithu posteri, llythyrau, ffurflenni ayb i ni.

Are you a Welsh speaker and able to Write in Welsh?
We need someone, or a team of people willing to translate posters, letters, forms etc for us.

Allwch chi Helpu / Can you help?
Cysylltwch a / Contact : Bethan on 01766 780576
E-bost / Email:

Bwrdd Rheoli / Managment Board

Mae angen eich help, rydym angen help llaw gyda'r canlynol?  
We need your help, we are looking for the following ?
  • Ysgrifennydd ir Cwmni - Cyfarfodydd Misoel/
  • Company Secretary - monthly meetings
  • Help llaw gyda Marchnata
  • Someone with a Marketing background

Cyfeillion y Ganolfan / Friends of the Centre - AGM 18.03.15 @ 7.00pm (Cafe)

The friends play a very important role in supporting the work of the management board by organising fundraising events locally and volunteering in the centre.

The Friends are having their AGM on Wednesday 18th March @ 7.00pm in the Centre's Cafe, please come along and support the friends, a warm welcome to all.

CAR BOOT Time is here again! its time to clear out the attic and sell your stuff for hard cash........Starting back on Sunday 05.04.15 - 10am - 1pm in the Car Park.  Get there early to get a good space and sell - sell - sell ! 

Calling All Photographers!

We desperately need some high resolution action shots of our climbing wall and swimming pool and pictures of the outside and inside.

If you could help - then please make contact with one of the team to arrange a chat and plan a convenient date and time. Thanks in advance!
Don't forget to visit our website for the latest timetables and also for last minute deals and special events.   If you know anyone who would like to receive a copy of this newsletter, please let us know by emailing:

Peidiwch ag anghofio i ymweld a'r wefan ar gyfer yr amserlenni diweddaraf a hefyd ar gyfer delio munud olaf a digwyddiadau arbennig. Os ydych yn adnabod unrhyw un a hoffai dderbyn copi o'r cylchlythyr hwn, rhowch wybod i ni drwy e-bostio: