OneLife Newsletter, February 16, 2017
Dear Member,

This will probably go down as the most exciting week in the history of all the promotions for the OneLife Network! We have a full array of NEW PROMOTIONS, starting as of Monday. We are introducing a new Package Combo - the POWER PACK (which combines the Tycoon+, Premium and Infinity Packages).

The DOUBLE COIN promotion, with which we present what we believe is a very strong opportunity, will allow all Members to DOUBLE ALL COINS mined with the Promotional Tokens submitted 5 days after the next Split. Just submit all your tokens to mining within 5 days following the Split and you receive DOUBLE COINS.

Do you want an automatic EXTRA SPLIT? Easy! Just upgrade any package as of Monday next week and you are in for an EXTRA SPLIT!

Also, don't forget to try your luck - spin the Winter Wonder Wheel for a chance to get up to 100% more Promotional Tokens from your Packages! 

Plus, the DealShaker merchant platform launches TODAY, so be sure to visit and see what deals are up for grabs!

Keep on reading to find out more about our amazing offers!


The OneLife Network (OLN) is a growing global network that was born out of the OneCoin cryptocurrency brand. The Network has a digital platform with a unique ecosystem of sophisticated products and social networking tools that help members achieve financial independence. Members enjoy access to an array of e-learning programs that help them apply financial theory to practice.

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OneLife Video Presentation. The Future of Payments [ENG]

We have some really exciting news for all of you with the introduction of possibly the BEST PROMOTION EVER for the OneLife Network! In addition to the official launch of the buying section of the DealShaker Merchant platform, the extended duration of the Winter Wonder Wheel and all the regular promotions we offer for the OneAcademy educational packages, now you will all have the chance of a lifetime.

DOUBLE THE AMOUNT OF COINS YOU MINE BY SUBMITTING ALL YOUR TOKENS INTO MINING within 5 DAYS AFTER THE NEXT SPLIT! This is by far the one of the best opportunities the OneLife Members have ever had to make the most of their Package purchases and upgrades!

This amazing promotion will last ONLY 5 DAYS so make sure you take advantage of the DOUBLE COIN promotion, and keep an eye out for the NEXT SPLIT. Then submit all your Promotional Tokens into mining and get DOUBLE the amount of Coins you would regularly receive!

And that's not all, we won't stop with the promotions yet! As of Monday, EVERY PACKAGE UPGRADE GIVES YOU AN EXTRA SPLIT on top of what you would get with a regular purchase! This offer is only valid for a limited time only, so don't miss your chance - go to your Backoffice and upgrade your package now! If you are a TEAM LEADER, make sure you communicate this message to all members in your downline, so they don't miss this fantastic opportunity! 

The OneLife Network is constantly improving and creating new opportunities for all its Members. That is why we decided to expand our product portfolio with one of the most amazing offers to ever hit the market - the brand new POWER PACK COMBO!

This latest addition to our network gives you all the chance to maximize your Promotional Token count, combining the Tycoon+, Premium AND Infinity Packages! (You will have a choice of either the Infinity or Infinity+ options)

It gives you a total of 531 818 Promotional Tokens, 6/7 Splits (depending on your choice of Infinity Package), 48 750 BVs and access to all 7 levels of OneAcademy! And don't forget to combine this amazing offer with our other promotions to get the most out of the Power Pack! And in addition, we've also listed a special bulk Package promotion - buy 6 and get 1 FREE!

And probably the best part of this offer? As is valid for all Packages above the Power Pack - you will get ALL THE SPLITS YOU ARE ENTITLED TO AT ONCE

For more information about the Power Pack Combo contact
Do you remember the Ultimate Package? Yes - the one with 1 311 111 promotional tokens and which generates 118 000 BV for network bonuses! Well, we have some amazing news for you - IT IS COMING BACK TO THE ONELIFE NETWORK

This unique offer comes as a response to the many incoming inquiries for an ultimate solution for our Members who have decided to go ALL IN. It includes the full educational program with all extended learning and practice materials, instant access to all future updates of the existing program and the highest priority trading rights in the internal practice trading platform. Visit your Backoffice and GET YOUR NEW PACKAGE today!

Did you notice that the Split happened on Tuesday? If you were entitled to a Split, be sure to visit your backoffice and check your Token count!

Please bear in mind that cryptocurrency can't split, so therefore all Promotional Tokens you already submitted into mining cannot split either, unless you are on a Package that has auto-mining. All other Tokens in your account that were NOT submitted for mining, have split (if your account had remaining Splits).

With the right Split strategy, you are able to increase your number of Splits, depending on your current package and the package you choose to upgrade to.

We are so excited - the OneLife Global Event in Macau is approaching and we are so looking forward to it! Just to remind you - the event will be held at the beautiful venue of Studio City Events Center on the 6th and 7th of May, 2017! 

All of our biggest stars will be there as well! You will get the chance to see OneCoin founder and visionary Dr. Ruja Ignatova, OneLife Network CEO Mr. Pablo Munoz and global master distributor Sebastian Greenwood! 

Don't miss your chance to become part of the OneLife's Family reunion - get together with other members, share news, discuss ideas and have a good time in lovely China!

Coming up: More information regarding the venue, accommodation, ticket prices and speakers!

Stay tuned!
Did you hear - everyone's favorite promotion has been extended! The Winter Wonder Wheel will be active until the 15th of March, 2017

Take advantage of the Winter Wonder Wheel promotion and you will get the opportunity to win extra promotional tokens with your packages - starting from 25% all the way up to an EXTRA SPLIT, which you will receive immediately! 

Now is your chance! Become a part of the Wonder wheel experience - spin to win and make the most of your OneLife experience! 
The Big Day is here! The long-awaited launch of The DealShaker Shopping section is TODAY!

This is the first and biggest e-commerce platform ever, where you can buy and sell products and services to a multimillion network of people worldwide and pay in a combination of cryptocurrency and cash! And it has so much to offer!

Access to the platform is extremely easy. All OneLife members can log in directly with their OneLife credentials at without needing to sign up additionally.

The OneLife team has planned upgrades on the whole DealShaker experience that will take place over the next couple of months and will make the user and merchant experience more valuable and pleasant.

The entire OneLife family is focused on expansion and we wish that the YEAR OF THE MERCHANTS will be one of success and inclusion! We are extremely grateful to every member who gave us feedback in the first month of operations of the Platform and who contributed to making the website and its functions better for all users. The DealShaker team is receiving all your messages and encouragement and would like to wish you many successful deals and growth! 

Of course, true to our nature, we simply can't go without a special surprise and something EXTRA for the OneLife members! 

The OneLife team is looking forward to expanding the Travel Section of the DealShaker, focusing on trip opportunities, made available to the OneLife family. Currently we are working hard to kickstart a voucher program for EXCLUSIVE travel packages and will try out 40 pre-pack trips to exotic destinations such as Latin America and Asia! Expect the first deals to be published between 16th Feb and 1st of March, 2017. 

If you think you would like those first steps of our development, then be prepared to be with us all year long! A BIG THANK YOU for the support and faith along the long way we have come from the entire OneLife and DealShaker team! 

You can send all your suggestions, feedback and reporting to
Here are some general, but not exhaustive compliance requirements for IMAs. Please refer to the relevant Terms and Conditions and IMA Agreement for all requirements.

(You can also save the "Say this, not that" guidelines as an image for future reference)
We would also like to remind you that as per the OLN’s T&C: 
  • IMAs are not allowed to promote acceptance of the OneCoin cryptocurrency by merchants as a mean of payment without prior express written consent of the Company.  
  • Cross-line sponsorship and any attempt to do the same within the OneLife Network system are prohibited. Cross-line sponsoring means the acquisition of a person or a company already an IMA in another ONELIFE NETWORK sales line or that has business relations with the Company within the last 12 months.
  • The IMA is entitled to transfer his/her account only with the prior written consent of the Company and upon presentation of the purchase and /or transfer the contract with the third party, as well as the presentation of the IMA application of the third party to the Company. The IMA is obliged to notify the Company of the intended transfer of its sales structure in writing. 
  • IMAs are required to identify themselves as Independent Marketing Associates in all of their business dealings. As a rule, all websites, stationery, business cards, car labels, advertisements, promotional materials and the like shall include the words Independent Marketing Associates of ONELIFE NETWORK. The Independent Marketing Associate of OneLife Network Logo has been designed for this purpose.
  • Re-selling of gift codes at a discount price is strictly prohibited and against the Company’s policy. IMA can resell gift codes only to his/her own downline. Violation of this policy leads to this that your money will not be returned. We warn you to buy gift codes from reliable source and if you have any doubts - contact us at 
  • IMAs are not allowed to sell goods and/or services for competitors of the Company. IMAs may not offer products other than ONELIFE NETWORK products at the same time, in the same place or in the immediate vicinity or on the same website, Facebook page or other social media/online platform. IMAs are also prohibited from recruiting other ONELIFE NETWORK IMAs for the sale of other Company’s products. 
  • IMAs are not allowed to use the logo of OneCoin in their promotional materials. They are allowed to use only OneLife Network IMA’s logo. 

We would like to remind all OneLife members to strictly adhere to the provisions in our Terms and Conditions, to which all members are legally bound, concerning the dissemination of false information regarding the OneLife Network company.

Any proven violation including, but not limited to misleading information about an IMA official Leadership Rank, OneLife products and services or the company’s compensation plan may result in severe sanctions, reaching fines up to 5 100 EUR, effective immediately.

As a network marketing company, we manage to provide opportunities each day by channeling the power of collective effort. We encourage all IMAs to take individual responsibility for the stable and successful growth of the Network in 2017. Thank you all for your efforts!


Committed to finding solutions to child labour and to promote universal children's rights, we are excited to announce our new partnership with CWISH (Children and Women in Social Service and Human Rights), Nepal. CWISH is a Nepalese non-governmental organization with 23 years of experience in fighting child labor and trafficking. It is recognized as the leading organization in Nepal in this intervention area. Its work became even more crucial in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that happened in Nepal in April 2015. CWISH reached out to 33,472 children directly affected by the earthquake through counseling and educational support, provided at temporary learning centre (TLCs), specially established for the purpose.

The statistics show that among the children from 5 to 17 years old, there are more than 2 million child labourers, of whom 0.126 million are engaged in the worst forms of child labour such as children sex workers. The earthquake in 2015 put 1.1 million children at risk of trafficking and labour as families struggle financially. All these facts, combined with the internationally recognized effectiveness of CWISH's approach, directed our attention to Nepal where we are happy to fund one of CWISH's projects.

The approach to the project consists of three main stages: prevention; promotion of new practices and attitudes among the community members; return of child labourers to their families. The first stage consists of strengthening local child protection mechanisms, raising awareness, identifying vulnerable children and providing holistic support to their families. The second one involves promoting adult domestic workers instead, informing families and children about the dangers of child labour through a range of activities, including media messages on child labour and the need of legislation. At the third stage, child labours will be supported to reintegrate in school and within their families.

The activities funded by the OWF will be implemented within the Kathmandu valley for 12 months. The Kathmandu Valley consists of three districts (Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur) and the metropolitan city which are considered places where child workers are at most demand. The main objective of the project is to prevent child labour through the mobilization of local protection mechanisms and through providing support to child domestic workers at risk. The project also aims to identify and rescue child domestic workers who are abused, tortured and whose life may be at risk, while bring the perpetrators to justice. The children workers will be provided with medical and legal support at safe houses where they will be accommodated. An open discussion about the danger of child labour with be organized on a community level in the supply district to raise local people's awareness and, thus, reduce the number of the supply of child workers. Awareness meetings will be organized in 10 different areas where children are at risk of becoming child labourers.

The project will be carefully monitored by senior management team who will visit the programme areas on a monthly basis and interact with the local community.


To become the everyday essential brand for all our members and shareholders, OneLife must continue to build a successful and enduring company with the right tools and resources.

To achieve this, all OneLife members MUST PRESENT THE ONELIFE BRAND IN A CONSISTENT, UNIFIED WAY that will resonate across the Network. To achieve this, we have prepared

These guidelines have been developed to familiarize the Network with our brand identity and ensure the consistency, accuracy, confidence and purpose of all communication initiatives across all communication channels.

The OneLife brand book has one purpose - to help all OneLife members be heard globally by communicating in one voice - louder, clearer, simpler!

Read more about them HERE.


(Check out all of our downloadable materials in the Media Center -> Resources section at


Check out our amazing promotions, and you can receive FREE ONECOIN PACKAGE CODES!  

  • 8 + 1 INFINITY
  • 10 + 1 PREMIUM
  • 10 + 1 TYCOON
  • 10 + 1 TYCOON+
  • 6 + 1 POWER PACK

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to get the free package(s), you need to be clear in your communication with the ACCOUNTING department of the company.

In order to receive your promotion, the packages must be ordered and banked all at once.

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The OneLife Network (OLN) is a growing global network that was born out of the OneCoin cryptocurrency brand. The Network has a digital platform with a unique ecosystem of sophisticated products and social networking tools that help members achieve financial independence. Members enjoy access to an array of e-learning programs that help them apply financial theory to practice. This allows them to understand, mine and trade cryptocurrency, and make secure, low-cost, cross-border transactions.

Our vision is to provide alternative payment solutions and equal access to financial education to people worldwide. The OneLife Network makes financial transactions and trade safer, easier, and available to everyone on the web. Our ecosystem of virtual tools and services holds the potential to open new economic markets for cross border trade and to stimulate economic growth.
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