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* New Captain
* Educational packages with COVID-19 SPECIAL PRICE
* Promotion

* "Captain's Corner"


The OneLife Network (OLN) is a growing global network that was born out of the OneCoin cryptocurrency brand. The Network has a digital platform with a unique portfolio of sophisticated products and social networking tools that help members achieve financial independence. Members enjoy access to an array of e-learning programs that help them apply financial theory to practice.

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OneLife Video Presentation. The Future of Payments [ENG]
King Jayms is the new Captain 
The OneLife Family is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Cordell King Jayms as its new Captain, replacing Mr. Simon Le who is stepping down as Captain.
Mr. King Jayms is a highly experienced, successful and well-regarded MLM leader. This position and its responsibilities will highlight our most popular fundamental principles for MLM success written thus far.

However, Mr. King Jayms isn’t only an MLM leader, but a visionary who will lead this project to the right direction.
It is well known that we cannot expect people with small ideas and ideals to understand, accept, or appreciate big visions. 

Innovators like Mr. King Jayms are outliers at their very core visionaries with determination, passion and dedication, who are highly motivated to see success in their undertakings.
We have a vision and not a mere dream, because to be a visionary leader, the future must be your home.
We are also developing a Global Leadership Co-Captain Board to work alongside Mr. Jayms.

We look forward to continuing this journey to success with Mr. King Jayms who represents the conviction, the vision, the passion and the drive of all who want our success in this industry to be indelibly written.



These are difficult times for all of us, where humanity is battling with the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic. We, as a Company and as a Family, that includes over 3 679 927 members from all over the world, cannot be indifferent to the needs of our members.

As one of the World’s leading Cryptocurrency Companies, we are extremely aware of the negative financial impact of COVID-19 on the Global Economy. At this point, it is crucial that people are exposed to good financial literacy.

OneAcademy's Mission has always been to create the World's next financial experts by providing innovative educational materials. Currently, our company is in more than 190 countries and our educational courses are available in 20 languages.

We work with people from all spheres of life, all over the world, and truly appreciate the uniqueness of every individual. Education is something we really endorse and value.  We would like to support our members and do our utmost in order that our educational packages reach the maximum number of people. To this end, we have decided to reduce the prices of our packages as follows:


* The price of all educational packages (except Starter, NewLife and NewLife Plus packages) is now reduced by 25%

* The price of NewLife and NewLife Plus packages is reduced by 20%

* The price of Starter code remains the same, because this educational package is included in Get Started 10K Campaign

Please take note that all other promotions are currently invalid, except the new Get Started 10K Campaign (you can find detailed information about it in our official news feeds).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please bear in mind that to purchase an educational package with a bank wire payment method, you will need a Pro Forma Invoice. Regarding this please contact the ACCOUNTING department of the company via email

Please be informed that anyone who buys a package via bank wire, can write to the company to receive the split immediately, instead of waiting for the split barometer to reach 100%.
Promotion is limited until Dr. Ruja’s Birthday, which is 30th May.

INTRODUCING NEWLY ADDED Level 1 of Forex and Level 1 of Legal as part of the Get started 10K Promo. So, 10 receive 13 and participate in whichever phase you fall in. 

First 100 IMAs
First 1,000 IMAs
First 10,000 IMAs

This new promotion - 10K - is all about our primary emphasis on the Heart of our company the OneAcademy, with a focus on the One Academy Level 1 Training Package, which includes the Financial, Forex and Legal Packages.
We have an amazing platform and conduit to share and educate with dynamic information on finance and cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, which will continue to enhance, change and impact the world.
OneFamily, we need you as a Community, now more than ever, to help spread understanding about who we are as a company and the intention of what our company’s product has always meant to achieve. It is extremely important to note that as we add more educated miners, we create more value to our ecosystem.   A system that is dynamic, exciting, futuristic and as such the first of its kind. The unique value proposition of our product has continued to make us the most renowned centralized cryptocurrency the world has ever seen.
As a result, we have launched our 10K promotion.   Please read the details to see exactly in which phase you would like to participate in.
We have THREE (3) Phases: Phase 1) 100 IMAs, Phase 2) 1,000 IMAs and Phase 3) 10,000 IMAs.
The concept: 
You purchase one bundle package of ten Starter codes for the value of €1400 (bank wire transfer only) and you will receive an additional 3 FREE Starter codes. This now qualifies you into one of our phases.

◦    Yes, you can purchase in a team (for example, €2800 or €4200 for two or three persons who have joined) and made one bank wire transfer to the company's bank account. In that instance, you are required to provide the username and full name of each person purchasing the bundle of ten Starters set. This information will qualify that username/person to be counted individually for their prospective phase.

This promotion is for a maximum 60-day period and the Wonder Wheel will also function during this particular period only. Our special offer is the SUPER WONDER WHEEL.  Most of you know how the Wonder Wheel operates,  with the IMA receiving either 25%, 50% or 100% additional free tokens when the Wheel is spun.  For this promotion when the Wheel is spun, you will receive either 50%, 75%, 100% or 200% additional tokens, therefore make it a SUPER WONDER WHEEL. 

First Phase - 100 IMAs
Special VVIP Dinner at the Company’s Global event with Top Management Team and Key Company Staff. Along with a special Two-Hour question and answer segment with Key Staff hosted by the Captains in a Panel discussion at the Company’s Global Event. Additionally, these Phase One Participants will receive the benefits of the Second and Third Phases detailed below.

Second phase - 1,000 IMAs

The participants in this Phase will receive access to login details for demo testing of the new platform and would have the opportunity to provide feedback of features they would like to be added. This group will also have the first option to test the new Forex platform when it is ready, along with joining one monthly zoom call with the Company’s Corporate team all the way up to the event.  They will receive a Special PIN at the Global Event and will also receive the benefits of Phase Three detailed below.

Third phase - 10,000 IMAs

The participants of Phase Three, will be invited to join a special telegram group owned by Corporate, where weekly news and updates will be given along with the Corporate’s roadmap.  In this group, the Company’s Corporate staff will provide news and screenshots of the development of the new back-office and DealShaker new e-commerce site. The first 10,000 will also receive a Special PIN from their GNLG leader after the Global Event.
“Captain’s corner”

OneLife for more life to every single IMA reading this message.

Friends, I want to wish you tremendous success and many happy returns, because now is the time to be excited more than ever before! Yes, you would have read that Simon is no longer burdened with building this organization. Consequently, much thanks and love go out to Mr. Le and he will be missed! 

Nonetheless, we must acknowledge that we are not bigger than the brand! As long as the brand stands, which is the specific intent of the company, we will go the distance. It is my personal conviction that the company’s team is doing everything within their power to grow and become better for us all. They have illustrated this on numerous occasions, with what they have said and have backed up their statements with action. I am of the firm belief, without a shadow of a doubt, that we will attain great success as IMAs. I absolutely believe this with every fiber of my being.  However, the speed with which it happens may remain a contentious subject to some. I prefer slow, steady and progressive than fast, painful and catastrophic advancements! 

The mission will be accomplished, although I am not in a rush to make it happen, given the industry and environment we live in today. I know the company has every intention to help us succeed and achieve the overall vision that it upholds. I am a strong believer in what we have to offer as IMAs and a network, and an even stronger believer in the vision that the company has shown us as it continues to guide us along. 

So, please trust and believe that now, more than ever before, is the time for us to help people see the reality of what we have. You need to know, that regardless of which coin you go to or start, they all need what we already have. That is, a community of persons who have some level of ownership of coins. But greater are those who understand what they have. Hence, if you understand the ownership, process and branding of cryptocurrency and its entire concept, then you truly understand that we are destined for greatness. Thus, no matter who and no matter what, the brand is standing strong because this brand is the reason why 99.9% of people are involved in cryptocurrency today: point blank, period! 

I do not take the OneAcademy for granted, nor do I take it lightly and that is why I am imploring you: this is the time to sell this product! There are so many new things that are on the horizon and yet to come and they are bound to blow you away! 

Get excited! Get positive! Share and care! Believe in the OneLife for more life! 

Your humble servant and Captain

King Jayms


Dear all,

Recently, we have noticed that some of the Country Managers have been giving out to their teams definitions of what exactly registered businesses and individual sellers are. Their effort and team spirit are worthy of admiration but the issue here is that all definitions must be unified and approved by compliance prior to being disseminated among DealShaker users. Otherwise, explanations of those terms that vary could lead to a breach of the principle of equal treatment.

To help clear out the confusion, here are some basic examples which you can use in your everyday work and train your people:

- if you are selling off your old possessions which don’t want and need anymore - you are a private seller
- if you purchase products with the idea to resell them later - you are running a business and you must be registered as a business, as per Amazons’ T&Cs, for example

On the contrary – as per DealShakers’ T&Cs both those categories are defined as individual sellers.

If you are a business owner with a private company, the deals you upload are typical for your business activity and they are run as a regular occupation, then you need to establish a merchant account as a registered business. 
Dear all,

It has come to our attention that recently merchants, working on other platforms have been claiming to work on behalf of DealShaker and the OneLife Network. Please be informed that no other platform, except for DealShaker and its Country Managers, and no other company, except for OneLife (or OneCoin) has the right to operate with the DealShaker trademark and the services it provides. 

Be extremely cautious with any information you receive from other companies, individuals or communication channels which are different from the corporate approved ones. If you have any doubts or questions, you can always contact the OneLife teams to get the latest information, related to our projects.
Dear all,

Recently, it has come to our attention that several merchants have started to conduct fraudulent practices outside of the Dealshaker platform which constitutes a high risk of money loss to the people who participate. The deals in question are about sales of gold, real estate properties, motor vehicles and other products of high value. 

Many of the above mentioned  deals are accompanied by a tempting proposal by the merchant – the buyer should transfer his accounts to the merchant and pay part of the deal price outside of the platform in exchange of some expensive good or service. Bear in mind that this practice is strictly forbidden according to the applicable OneLife T&C 18(2). 

Please have in mind that none of those projects/deals are approved or supported by Corporate. If someone has any information about such projects/deals please do not hesitate to inform OneLife Compliance asap, so that we can take measures to stop those fraudulent practices and sanction the wrongdoer accordingly and with an immediate effect.
Point 14 of Annex I to Directive 2005/29 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 May 2005 concerning unfair business-to-consumer commercial practices in the internal market and amending Council Directive 84/450 / EEC, Directives 97 / 7 / EC, 98/27 / EC and 2002/65 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council and Regulation (EC) No 2006/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council (the "Unfair Commercial Practices Directive") must be interpreted in the sense that a promotional pyramid scheme constitutes unfair commercial practice only in the following cases:

- when it requires the consumer to pay a certain amount, regardless how much, thus being granted the right to join the scheme, regardless of whether the consumer is selling/ using products or not.

There is an active bonus program for IMAs, called “Global compensation plan”, which is available on the website. Sales (not the sole fact that someone has joined) are rewarded regardless of whether they are made directly or further down the sales chain. Commission can also be earned by a free enrollee into the OLN system called Rookie. After the completion of each educational level the participants receive a certificate.

- when the participants in such a scheme need to contribute financially.

In the “Global compensation plan” it is stated that the free Rookie package allows members to generate promotional tokens and bonuses from the Network's rewards plan (also known as Fast Start retail commissions) It also provides them with information which is free of charge and helps them understand the project better.
- the last users to join are likely to receive less benefits for their participation that the ones who joined earlier in time.

IMAs who build teams of other IMAs who then make ALS (Advanced Learning Systems) sales earn bonuses. All IMAs are provided with an equal opportunity to earn if they make sales of ALS. The ALS teach about financial markets, global trading and the emerging world of cryptocurrency. 

- when the recruitment is based on the promise that the consumer will be able to benefit economically.

The activity of the IMAs in the Network is supervised by an experienced compliance team. As per corporate policies compliance will sanction IMAs who breach IMA T&C; OLN T&C; and all applicable policies and procedures according to the internal sanction policy. The rules are for everyone – no exceptions. In order to become an IMA, a new applicant is required to read and agree to the terms of the Agreement and the relevant General Terms and Conditions of the Company. Upon notification of his/her acceptance by the Company, the new IMA will be entered into the Company database. As it is written in OLN T&Cs: “The client should neither be convinced to purchase the products through dubious and/or misleading promises nor by promises of special benefits when these are linked to uncertain future outcomes. Furthermore, “an IMA shall not guarantee payments or raise expectations otherwise.“

- when the largest part of the revenue is not a result of an actual economic activity

The company carries out MLM operations with the aim of selling Advanced Learning Systems (ALS).

The ALS consist of courses on financial topics with various levels of difficulty. 

These are as follows:

1. Introduction to finance (Teacher: Mr Angel Marchev); 
2. Risk and Stock Market (Teacher: Mr Angel Marchev); 
3. Forex and technical analysis of financial markets; 
4. Risk management and econometric analysis (Teacher: Mr Joannis Kantartzis); 
5. Behavioral Finance and advanced analysis (Teacher: Mr Numan Ulku); 
6. Behavioral Economics (Teacher: Ms Eva Porras); 
7. IPO process and valuations (Teacher: Ms Eva Porras).

8. The new product are the legal packages, offered by OneAcademy, which give comprehensive information about the legal side of the crypto currency world. They have been written and prepared for the mass public by law professionals with a long-term experience in the field. These courses have been developed as a guide into the world of crypto regulations, the ICO and the integration of the cryptocur-recies into the traditional markets all over the world. The topics covered by the legal packages are: 

1. Legal definition of cryptocurrency
2. Economic evaluation - is it an asset, commodity or something else
3. Cryptocurrency impact on the traditional market.
4. Types of crypto systems
5. Legal implications for the regulators
6. ICO regulations
7. Integration of the cryptocurrency, enabling cooperation with banks and institutions
8. Compliance systems and Tax regime

Each level consists of information about the crypto currency law in 6 different countries - Italy, Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Sweden and Norway, classified into sections. Furthermore, each of these countries offers a written handbook, an educational video and/or a presentation on each topic.

Here is some useful information on how important it is to have a written contract.

In the 21st century, professionals are all too aware of the long history of deal-breaking and lawsuits that have taken place all around them.

Contracts are important because they outline expectations for both parties and protect both parties in case those expectations aren't met. 

Hopefully, you’ll never have to take legal actions based on the contract which means the project will end eventually, but to take preliminary precautions is always the best thing to do.

Contracts are compulsory as they:

- provide proof of details

- prevent misunderstanding from arising

- provide security and peace of mind

- serve as an official record of the agreement

Don’t forget - both parties should keep a copy of the contract as a file for several years in case an issue arises later on!

Compliance aims to guide IMA-s to operate in the right direction. It strives to repair the damages done by bad practices.
Compliance attempts to provide OneLife Network’s IMA-s the chance to experience an innovative, intelligent and efficient technologies operating in a transparent environment, without unfair competition.
Compliance calls for strengthening the cooperation within OLN (OneLife Network) and insist on equal respect and rights to each member of the network.

OneLife will change the world only when unification set to be the eternal goal, when we enhance mutual assistance, solidarity, responsibility, tolerance and respect. 

In the OneLife network, all members share the same rights and responsibilities!

  • Unreasonable fear Compliance is only sanctioning department
  • Belief equality between OneLife IMA-s does not exist
  • Exposure of IMA-s to fraudulent practice
  • Insinuations generate mistrust which is used by some OneLife IMA-s to divert attention from their own wrongful practices and actions
  • Underestimation of OneLife goal for transparency

  • Sale of coins and/or educational packages as an investment opportunity (coins; accounts, etc.). OneLife is not an investment company and does not offer any investment opportunities
  • Cross recruiting - Instead of helping the network rebuilds itself, it destroys it by taking pieces from it
  • Unethical behavior
  • Onboarding with fraudulent promises
  • Misuse of power by OneLife IMA-s
  • Dissemination of incorrect and misleading information due to lack of professionalism, awareness and/ or greed
Sanctions have become the tool to respond to major violations from SPAM or/ fraudulent, deceptive or unethical business conduct by any IMA to identity theft, financial fraud and counter terrorism.
Violation of the applicable T&C, IMA Agreement, any fraudulent, deceptive or unethical business, conducted by an IMA may result, at Company’s discretion, in one or more of the following corrective measures, with effect from the date of its establishment:
  • Issuance of a written warning or admonition;
  • Requiring the IMA to take immediate corrective measures;
  • Imposition of a fine, which may be withheld from the account; €100 for incorrect personal data or the lack of it and 250 to €500 penalty for more minor violations and up to 5100 for major violations;
  • Loss of rights to one or more bonus payments;
  • Any other measure, which the Company deems practicable to implement to equitably resolve any damage caused partially or exclusively by the IMAs policy violation or contractual breach;
  • Suspension of the individual’s IMA position for one or more pay periods;
  • Involuntary cancellation of the offending IMA position;
  • Immediate removal of the IMA’s web page(s) and termination of the IMA’s position;
  • Any other measures explicitly allowed within any provision of the General Terms and Conditions, the present IMA Agreement or allowed by law
The IMA is only entitled to a commission if he or she is not in violation of the General Terms and Conditions and the IMA Agreement.
Factors that may modify the application of sanctions:
Sanctions could be modified based on mitigating factors or factors that may reflect in a greater damage,caused by the breach and thus work against the offender, ultimately increasing the penalty.
Examples of aggravate sanctioning include:
  • Multiple offences
  • Breach of sensitive information such as personal data  
  • High volume of people or data affected  
  • High exposure for the Company  
  • Large organizational expense incurred  
  • Activities, hampering the investigation, such as providing of misleading and/or incorrect information
  • Actions with a negative influence on others  
  • If the violation is continuing even after an official warning  

Factors that could mitigate sanctioning include:
  • Breach occurred as a result of attempting to help an IMA  
  • Victim(s) that suffered no harm
  • Offender voluntarily admitted the breach and cooperated with the investigation
  • Offender showed remorse and has recovered damages
  • Action was taken under pressure from an individual in a position of authority  
This practice enables the application of general principles that lead to fair and consistent outcomes.


In order to keep our IMAs’ privacy and at the same time to implement efficient control and reporting system we have developed a reporting system allowing reporting and monitoring functions without exposing the identity of the person that has sent the report and creating unnecessary tension in the community.

Whistleblowers inform the Company of any kind of information or activity that can be deemed illegal, unethical, or not correct with the polices, procedures and guidelines of the OneLife organization.


If you think an entity or individual is involved in wrongdoing within our OneLife community, and you want to report it, please use the Whistle Blowing Report. Once completed, this report becomes CONFIDENTIAL. All personal data collected will only be used for purposes, which are directly related to the whistleblowing case like, for example, contacting you in case we need more information.

Every whistleblower will have to provide an evidence of the claim made in the report. Please send your Whistle Blowing Report to:

Evidences could be: screen shots of skype/viber/facebook/other social media chats and communications; e-mail correspondence; a declaration in writing, i.e. Whistle Blowing Report, (please fill in your personal data) and signed by the IMA.

Please fill in the Whistle Blowing Report carefully as this represents your case . We will review the information you provided, investigate the case and come back to you with feedback, when our investigation is completed.

We would like to remind all OneLife members to strictly adhere to the provisions in our Terms and Conditions, to which all members are legally bound, concerning the dissemination of false information regarding the OneLife Network company.

Any proven violation including, but not limited to misleading information about an IMA official Leadership Rank, OneLife products and services or the company’s compensation plan may result in severe sanctions, reaching fines up to 5 100 EUR, effective immediately.

As a network marketing company, we manage to provide opportunities each day by channeling the power of collective effort. We encourage all IMAs to take individual responsibility for the stable and successful growth of the Network in 2018.

Thank you all for your efforts!


To become the everyday essential brand for all our members and shareholders, OneLife must continue to build a successful and enduring company with the right tools and resources.

To achieve this, all OneLife members MUST PRESENT THE ONELIFE BRAND IN A CONSISTENT, UNIFIED WAY that will resonate across the Network. To achieve this, we have prepared

These guidelines have been developed to familiarize the Network with our brand identity and ensure the consistency, accuracy, confidence and purpose of all communication initiatives across all communication channels.

The OneLife brand book has one purpose - to help all OneLife members be heard globally by communicating in one voice - louder, clearer, simpler!

Read more about them HERE.


(Check out all of our downloadable materials in the Media Center -> Resources section at
The OneLife Network (OLN) is a growing global network that was born out of the OneCoin cryptocurrency brand. The Network has a digital platform with a unique ecosystem of sophisticated products and social networking tools that help members achieve financial independence. Members enjoy access to an array of e-learning programs that help them apply financial theory to practice. This allows them to understand, mine and trade cryptocurrency, and make secure, low-cost, cross-border transactions.

Our vision is to provide alternative payment solutions and equal access to financial education to people worldwide. The OneLife Network makes financial transactions and trade safer, easier, and available to everyone on the web. Our ecosystem of virtual tools and services holds the potential to open new economic markets for cross border trade and to stimulate economic growth.
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