OneLife Newsletter, July 25, 2016
Dear Member,

We have some amazing news this week - we are introducing 2 NEW PACKAGES to help you get the maximum amount of OneCoins! Please note that they will only be available until October 1st, when we switch to our new blockchain, so make sure you take advantage of them by then! 

The Tycoon+ will give you 81 818 FREE Tokens, set directly into auto-mining and 7500 BV. The Ultimate Package, on the other hand, is the best option for anyone willing to go ALL IN - with an astounding 1 311 111 FREE Tokens and 118 000 BV!

You can also check out the new website -, which will be the official meeting hub of the OneLife Network - bringing you information about events around the world. Members ranked Diamond and above will be able to register their own events on the platform, while others may publish event details, pending approval by the OneLife corporate administration. Members will be able to purchase tickets for the events directly from the website with both Euros and OneCoins. 

We would also like to draw your attention to our new Compliance Tips section, where you can ensure you're using all corporate materials properly. Plus, a reminder that the SPLIT BAROMETER is at 92%, so a Split is coming soon!

OneCoin presents

Following the rapid expansion of the OneLife Network and the establishment of OneCoin as a worl-leader in cryptocurrency, we are proud to announce TWO NEW AMAZING PACKAGES - the TYCOON + and the ULTIMATE! 

An upgrade to one of our most sought-after educational packages contains interactive education packed in 5 OneAcademy modules and extensive video materials to keep the balance between learning and trading practice. Tycoon + traders are provided with 81 818 FREE tokens which are directly set into auto-mining to optimize the trading experience. This package contributes 7 500 BV points for network bonuses.

The Ultimate Package, on the other hand, comes as a response to the many incoming inquiries for an ultimate solution for our Members who have decided to go ALL IN. It includes the full educational program with all extended learning and practice materials, instant access to all future updates of the existing program and the highest priority trading rights in the internal practice trading platform. This unique package has 1 311 111 FREE tokens and generates 118 000 BV for network bonuses.

Visit your back-end and GET YOUR NEW PACKAGES today, and watch the video below to find out all you need to know about the new Packages from Dr. Ruja Ignatova herself!



The OneLife Events website is aiming to become the meeting hub of the network. Members will be able to purchase tickets directly from their cash or ONE account and browse through all organized events worldwide.

An additional functionality, offered specially to our Members, is the Host Event option which allows Members to register and host their own event. The system will accept payments in both EUR and ONE and will publish your event directly in the live newsfeed of the website. Ranks Diamonds and above are automatically allowed to publish and register events. For ranks below Diamond there is a simple two-step application process to register an event, pending approval by the corporate administration of the OneLife team.

All members with access to the registration procedure will also be able to contribute to the OneWorld Foundation and create real time impact on the lives of kids living in underprivileged communities. This is the website to follow to see where our next big global event will be. Soon Members will be able to browse by locations close to their city or choose by their favorite global leader. 

The three main types of events are business presentations for members who would like to bring prospective OneAcademy students, leadership trainings for members who want to improve their networking and communicating game and workshops, where members will be able to receive all the information on the back-office, bonus and commissions plans, mining, trading and learning, and will get all of their questions answered live by experienced OneLife Members.


After OneCoin officially launched its website in English, Chinese, Russian, German and Portuguese, this week there is a new addition - is available in SPANISH! You can access the different versions by clicking on the drop-down language menu on the top-right corner of the homepage

Don't forget that the OneCoin Support Team is always there to help if you have any questions or are in need of clarification about the company's products. You can also send in your questions and have them answered in GERMAN, PORTUGUESE, RUSSIAN AND CHINESE as well!

Send your message to each of the corresponding e-mail addresses, or send a ticket HERE. - German; - Portuguese; - Russian; - Chinese.


Following the separation of the OneCoin (cryptocurrency) and OneLife (Network) brands, we are pleased to announce that the website will be starting a brand new back-end section, in which each OneCoin cryptocurrency user can check his or her OneCoin Account, Cash Account, Exchange, KYC files and much more.

Please note that this back-end section is used for the OneCoin cryptocurrency ONLY. Any information regarding network bonuses, splits, etc. can be found in the OneLife network back-end.


Here are some general, but not exhaustive compliancy requirements for IMAs. Please refer to the relevant Terms and Conditions and IMA Agreement for all requirements.

Identification as an Independent Marketing Associate
  • IMAs are required to identify themselves as Independent Marketing Associates in all of their business dealings.
  • IMAs are prohibited from using Company’s trademarks, service marks, trade names, slogans, symbols, and color schemes to advertise in a manner that would suggest or imply that they are employed by or are agents of the Company. 
Logo and trademarks
  • IMAs are prohibited from registering their own trademarks, titles, websites or other intellectual property rights that contain the OneLife Network logo, trademark, product names, titles, or trade names of the Company in any other country. The aforementioned prohibition applies to both identical and similar signs and the use of the aforementioned character in sub-domains or other subcategories of the URL. OneLife Network trade mark or other trade marks may not be copied or used partially or as a whole without the Company's express written consent. 
Advertising materials
  • When IMAs use, produce or disseminate their own sales documents, websites, product brochures, promotion videos, or other self-generated online or offline media and advertising materials they are allowed to only work with the official OneLife Network advertising claims. This also applies to advertising OneLife Network system and products on their own or external websites. When promoting the OneLife Network system and products in social networks (e.g. Facebook), blogs or chat rooms, IMAs must always use only official and approved advertising messages. When using other online media, IMA must explicitly indicate that it is not an official OneLife Network advertisement or online presence of the Company, but independently developed by the IMA.
No promise for future incomes 
  • The client should not be led to purchase the products through dubious and/or misleading promises nor by promising special benefits when these are linked to uncertain future outcomes. IMAs are expressly required to inform potential partnership applicants that only very few partners can achieve higher incomes with their OneLife Network activities and that such incomes are only possible through very intensive, continuous effort. The IMA’s success depends entirely on their personal commitment, abilities, and effort. The OneLife Network does not guarantee or warrant any specific level of remuneration or other income from the mere participation in the OneLife Network and also does not provide a package of services that would result in such guaranteed remuneration.
  • When activating an educational package (Infinity, Premium Trader,  Tycoon Trader, Executive Trader, Pro-Trader, Trader and Starter), the IMA receives free tokens which give access to the mining pools but do not guarantee that, nor how many coins will be received.  
No misleading comparative statements
  • Disparaging, misleading, or unfair comparative statements about the goods or distribution systems of other companies is prohibited.
No statements on behalf of the Company
  • The IMA is not authorized to make any statements or comments on behalf of the OneLife Network. IMAs are not allowed to respond to press inquiries concerning the OneLife Network, its system, its services, its marketing plan, or any other matter related to the Company, its activity and other services. The IMA is obliged to immediately forward all press inquiries to the Company
  • An IMA may not claim that the OneLife Network Global Compensation Plan or goods have been endorsed, approved, or supported by any government agency.
Non-competition and conflict of interest
  • IMAs are allowed to sell goods and/or services for other companies, including network marketing companies, to the extent that such are not competitors of the Company. If IMAs are simultaneously active for several companies or network marketing companies, they shall organize their business activities (along with their respective downlines) in such a way as to avoid any connection or mixing of their activities for these other companies with their activities for the OneLife Network. In particular, IMAs may not offer products other than OneLife Network products at the same time, in the same place or in the immediate vicinity or on the same website, Facebook page or other social media/online platform.


Our new colorful and compelling Mid-Term Report is now here! You can learn more about our projects and initiatives, our goals and our results.

Dr. Ruja Ignatova stated: "As a patron of  OWF, I am extremely happy to share with you the amazing initiatives and projects which we managed to conduct during the first half of 2016. We fulfilled our promises from last year to double our impact and our outreach. We are making a great progress, having supported 1658 children through our 25 projects globally. I am grateful to all our supporters and friends.

Together we will keep changing the world!"


Check out our amazing promotions, and you can receive FREE ONECOIN PACKAGE CODES!  
  • 8+1 INFINITY
  • 10+1 PREMIUM
  • 10 +1 TYCOON
  • 6+1 CHAMPION (CoinVegas Promotion)

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to get the free package(s), you need to be clear in your communication with the ACCOUNTING department of the company.

In order to receive your promotion, the packages must be ordered and banked all at once.

Upgrade Your Package Now!


Are you keeping a close eye on the SPLIT BAROMETER? Because this week it hit 92% and is rising quickly! 

We advise you to log in to your back-end and check the number of Splits you have remaining in your account! This is the right time to make sure you increase the number of Tokens you have by upgrading your Package.

If you are wondering which Split strategy to use - watch the video below to see the latest update from Dr. Ruja Ignatova herself!


Please note that accounts are activated ONLY AFTER THE PAYMENT HAS BEEN RECEIVED, not upon sending proof of payment or any other document!

The standard processing time for bank wires is 3-5 business days. If a payment has been received after a promotion has ended, the Member will not be eligible to receive the promotion.

For more information about the payment methods and bank details - visit your back-end!


The State of the Nation Webinar brings you all the latest news from OneCoin. Now, we have a very special announcement for the OneCoin Family Members in China: Тhe State of The Nation Call is also available in Chinese! Check the latest webinar HERE.

Stay tuned for this week’s State of the Nation Call on Thursday afternoon, giving you the latest updates on what is happening around the company, this week hosted by Paul Smith! Visit the OneCoin Webinars YouTube Channel or OneCoin Webinars website for more information.

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