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Dear <<First Name>> -

We recently "met" when you participated in BookSweeps' Sports Romance contest. You took a chance by subscribing to my newsletter, and I truly appreciate your interest! If you've changed your mind and want to unsubscribe, you can do so by clicking on the button at the bottom of this email.  (I totally understand, and I won't hold that against you!)

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I send Virtual Cocktails every month or so, sharing five fresh "ingredients" with my readers.  Here's a simplified version of a typical newsletter (with only three ingredients) so I don't take up too much of your time. Enjoy!
Ingredient One: Four Free Books -- Exclusive to Virtual Cocktails!

I won't mince words: I write in many genres. Some people sign up for Virtual Cocktails because they're interested in my contemporary romance novels (either the Diamond Brides Series, built around the Raleigh Rockets baseball team, or the Harmony Springs Series, set in a small town in the Shenandoah Valley).

Some people are interested in my light paranormal novels, books about witches (the Jane Madison Series) or vampires (the Fright Court Series) or genies (the As You Wish Series).

Still others come to my writing through my traditional fantasy novels, like Harry Potter for grownups (the Rebel Series about a girl who defies the religion of her people to save her closest friend, or the Glasswrights Series, about a young apprentice in the stained glass-makers' guild who witnesses a murder and is accused of being the killer, forcing her to seek the identity of the true assassin in her caste-bound society).

As a small thank you to everyone who's signed up for my newsletter, I've prepared an exclusive four-book collection. You can download it for free today. I'm certain you'll find something to like -- and you just might discover a new genre to love! BookFunnel will make the process simple, walking you through every step so the files arrive on your ereader, ready for you to enjoy.  Click here for your copy today!

Ingredient Two:  Spread a Little Sunshine

A newsletter would be boring if I just told you stories about my books: Blah, blah, blah. So here's a meme that came across my Facebook page the other day. I adored it, so of course I want to share it with you!

Don't you think we'd all be a lot happier if we ordered our coffee the $1.75 way?
Ingredient Three: An Invitation to Keep in Touch

I love hearing from readers!  I'm most active on Facebook, but I hang out on Twitter and Pinterest as well. I also post occasional blogs on my website.

(It's not unusual for me to post questions on Facebook, asking readers to help me name a character or a place, or to fill in details for a book's plot.  Sometimes, I give readers a prize for their assistance!)

So, I'd be thrilled if you click the links below and join me online!
Best wishes until the next Virtual Cocktails!

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