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Whether you are new to "the business" or you've been around for a while, there comes a time (or maybe even several times) when you have to decide - "Am I going to take charge of my success or am I going to wait for it to find me?'


  1. Be specific about your goal and have a time frame (notice I didn't say "deadline"). For Example: Gold by Convention, 6 Legs with a strong business builder in each one.
  2. Define what would happen if you meet your goal.  What would change in your personal and professional life? Some Examples: At Silver, I can pay off my credit card debt in X months. At Gold, I could plan a trip to Disney World for my family. At Platinum, I can quit my full-time job.
  3. List the actions you can take to support that goal.  Brainstorm to create the list. Write down anything and everything you can think of that may help you grow. Afterward, refine the list and only save what you feel is actionable. Then expand each item further when you come back to the list.  Here are some examples:  Creating curriculum for classes, scheduling classes early and promoting them regularly, traveling to areas where business can grow, taking a public speaking class, utilizing your ORD subscription and creating marketing pieces,  posting on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter more effectively and regularly, creating a team newsletter, sending samples to random people you know, planning promotions or giveaways. Setting aside 1 hour a day strictly for follow-up with new members and those I've sent samples to.  Getting organized so I can support my action plan.
  4. Identify and seek out support to make it happen.  If there's no way you can do the things you identify in #3 with the amount of time you currently have - it's going to take some support. You don't have to go at it alone. Here are some ideas: Consider enlisting other team members to bring along on your journey. Seeing you do these things will also motivate them and they will see your leadership in these areas.  Look to family members or friends to help with certain responsibilities so you can shift your time. Time management is always key when you are adding MORE to your schedule. Give up something less important in your life - like maybe ABC television on Thursday night so you can host a class (did I just type that? What is wrong with me!?)?

By setting your goals and finding a way to put them into action, you are taking this business into your own hands and marking the path for your future. Don't make excuses anymore. If success is what you are after then GO FOR IT.

I'll let you in on a little personal information about me. I TOOK THE LEAP! My last day at my full-time job was yesterday. I am now full-time and side-by-side with my husband on building our Young Living Business and supporting ORD!  I'm excited to see what the future holds and so happy you are all on this journey with me!

  • 101 Intro Class
  • 201/What's Next Class
  • Speed Oiling
  • Make-n-Take
  • Mix-n-Mingle
  • Cooking with Oils
  • Comp Plan Overview
  • Business Building
  • One-on-One
  • One-on-One (skype, email, message, facetime)
  • Podcasts
  • Facebook Class
  • Google Hangout
  • Newsletter/email campaigns
  • Fuze class
  • Youtube channel video series
  • One-on-One
  • Conference call ( - This free service allows you to host a conference call and record the session so that you can have people who miss play it back - or you can download an MP3!

This month, I asked you guys about Tutorials. Some of you want more, and some of you just want more graphics!

Knowing it's impossible to please everyone, I compiled a list of some YouTube tutorials I think will be of interest to you!

Canva Users:

PIXLR Users:

PicMonkey Users:

Unzip Your Downloads on your Phone:

  • Android

  • iPhone  (or iPad - you can also use the apps iZip or Zip Browser)

Quickly add text to your graphics on your phone:



All of the slides you need to host your own "Happy Hormone Support" class! Whether in person or online, these graphics are sure to get the attention of your oil-using audience. You could also customize individual slides and share with those who need more information about certain oils that support happy hormone health, or to alert your team when these oils are in stock. The opportunities are ENDLESS!

Update: Essential Oil Starter Guides

We had a perfect storm of crazy things going on in February that caused us not to be able to offer our regular monthly preorder. Combine that with a short month and we pretty much missed the window for printing and selling guides - but in March, it's ON!
Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Here are some things you may want to know:

  • We are no longer offering the option to add logos to the cover of the books (existing logos have been grandfathered in).
  • You can get discount pricing on bulk orders though!
  • We are working to add additional payment options to our site in addition to paypal. We hope to have that done by the end March if not sooner.
  • The Mel-A page and cover is being updated to include the new "Tea Tree" label
  • The Spanish version will be printed with our next run also!
  • We do not currently have an exact date for when the pre-order window will start, but we will take as many orders as we get during that time frame, so no need to worry about anything being "Out of Stock!"
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