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Chapter 19 - Year of the Lotus


"No mud, no lotus," it is said.

People love looking at lotus flowers.  Dazzling in color above the still water, they somehow soak in and share (like a secret just for you) the serenity of their surroundings.  Here's what I'm talking about...

People sometimes forget, however, that this image of the lotus flowerwhile beautifulis incomplete. 

It's only half the flower.  The other half lies below the surface.  Specifically, soaking in mud.  You know, this stuff...

Most people don't like to think about the mud part.  It's uninviting.  But it's also absolutely essential.  The lotus flower needs mud to grow.  "No mud, no lotus."

The same can be said for happiness and suffering.  Everyone loves happiness.  And most of us fear and try to avoid suffering.  But, according to some philosophies, happiness grows from suffering...and facing our suffering makes us happier.  And this is the point of the lotus metaphor.

Right now, that metaphor feels oh-so-relevant as we transition from 2020 to 2021.  If ever a year could be labeled as "Year of the Mud," it would be 2020.  Truly, it was a time of unprecedented suffering and pain.

However, in my heart, I know that from this suffering, a happiness more beautifuland more dazzlingthan anything we have felt in a long time is waiting to blossom.  2021 will be our Year of the Lotus. 

So face the future brightly and boldly, my friends.  Beautiful paths lie ahead. 

There will be mud on those paths.  But mud we can handle.  Mud we have handled.  And we have grown so much stronger, and so much more resilient, as a result.

Soak your hands in that mud.  Paint your face with it.  And smile as you do. 

A lotus is emerging.



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