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Chapter 39 - When Given from the Heart


Today, I'm sharing two brief notes of gratitude from your fellow SHHS team members.

These are the final two reflections that have been submitted to me, and I believe they provide a fitting note for concluding this school year.  Both individuals convey the joy of serving others and being part of this wonderful team.  (Tomorrow and Friday, I'll also share a few words of gratitude from myself and the SHHS leadership team).

The first brief reflection comes from Kristie Garrison.  She sent this in March, soon after the school closures began:


Today, I spent the majority of my day working with the SMH PSWs in making sure students who did not have access to technology were able to receive it. One parent I spoke with was praising LAUSD in their organization of this process of meeting the needs of their children. I reassured her how much LAUSD cares about their children, their families and that we were in this together. I was very proud to be an employee of LAUSD. I wanted to take this time to applaud all the SHHS staff as well as LAUSD.  I truly love my job!

The second reflection comes from Nino Ballesteros, a School Nurse at Hoover Street Elementary and Clifford Street Math & Technology Magnet.  Nino, who was recently named a Stellar Nurse, as well as an Essential School Employee by his principal, talks about the inspiration this recognition has given him to work even harder. 

There is a line in his reflection that resonates particularly strongly for me: "Small things become bigger when given from the heart."  How true!  While Nino's reflection speaks to the inspiration he personally has gotten from a small gesture, it is a powerful reminder of how easy it can be to inspire people in our lives.  We should all make time this week and beyond to share small, heartfelt gestures of appreciation with colleagues, loved ones, and families we serve. 


It is a big surprise to have been featured in April 2020 of the LAUSD Nursing Service Newsletter as Stellar Nurse.  I felt loved and recognized, thus pushing me to do more and work harder each day. No less than the principal at Hoover Street Elementary accorded his heartwarming gestures of appreciation of my fulfilling role as a School Nurse.

Unexpectedly, this week while working from home I received a poster, a sanitizer, and a face mask from the principal at Clifford Math and Technology Magnet Elementary School. The poster reads “An Essential School Employee Lives Here.” I absolutely felt how an employee is valued and recognized. Despite the hardship brought by this COVID-19 pandemic, we never forget to inspire other people. Small things become bigger when given from the heart.

The work of a school nurse is never easy, but the overwhelming teamwork and professional relationship of the people in the workplace make the work lighter. Hence, as an Essential School Employee, I will continue to care for the children, and continue to carry the lamp of Ms. Florence Nightingale, which is an emblem of commitment, acceptance, and responsibility.

Pia, Kristie, and Nino

[Note: The photos above are of Nino and his principals]

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