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Now that the weather is firmly invested in its springtime roller coaster and some Sundays allow for lawn-mowing and flower-planting, we're starting to remember what summer felt like. We're beginning to recall the taste of strawberries and the sounds of rain. And that means the vegetables are coming! The calls and emails have started rolling in - interested local foodie folks are gearing up for the coming CSA season.

At the end of last season, several volunteers and shareholders asked me what I do during the winter months, when nothing is growing. Do I take that time off? The answer is no. I've spent the winter months scheming to have something for y'all to be geared up for! I've been dreaming up alternating varieties of greens, fields strewn with romanesco, onions like you wouldn't believe, early carrots, and never, ever, not even a little bit of four weeks of cabbage.

We spent several weeks this winter analyzing the past three seasons' shares - what was in them, who grew them. We used this data to create a sort of template for the coming season's 22 shares - to help the farmers plan their crops and get the most out of growing and selling for City Fresh, and to help you, the shareholders, get the most out of your shares. I can't say that it will work perfectly. We're still at the mercy of the weather, which, with a changing climate can tend toward the dramatic. But we are hoping that it will make things a little more simple, and a little more fun.

I'm feeling seriously ready for fresh, local vegetables, personally. I still have one lonely squash sitting in my kitchen, awaiting eating, plus a few containers of spaghetti sauce and a bag of strawberries in the freezer. I know what to do with them, but I procrastinate, even knowing that the asparagus I buy from the grocery is shipped in from California, the potatoes from Peru. I know that the farmers are busy getting their seedlings ready, watching the skies. I temper my excitement for the steady heat of true summer and the freshest of produce by pulling weeds in the flower beds, growing blisters on my palms, trimming back the overgrown ivy, and finally clipping back the dried husks of black-eyed susans. I steady myself this way, knowing that the summer will be full to overflowing, first with bok choy, then with snap peas; with red leaf lettuce and eventually tomatoes and sweet corn. I think of this as I decimate weeds - that just as the flowers and I soak up the sun together, the tiny radish and kale starts are as well. They'll be ready for us when the time comes, and that time is so, so close. We can't wait to see you!

Peace and veggies,

Anna Kiss Mauser-Martinez
City Fresh
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