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“First there was the stolen generation when the people were taken away from their mothers. This one coming up is the lost generation.”
Aboriginal Elder on the impact of alcohol and other drugs on indigenous communities (Makinti Minutjukur, Ernabella, AP Lands, South Australia in Delahunty, B and Putt, J 2006a.).

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Reducing Prevalence of Addiction With Youth Webinar:
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Alcohol Abstinence in Drinkers with Atrial Fibrillation
Abstract - BACKGROUND: Excessive alcohol consumption is associated with incident atrial fibrillation and adverse atrial remodelling; however, the effect of abstinence from alcohol on secondary prevention of atrial fibrillation is unclear.
CONCLUSIONS: Abstinence from alcohol reduced arrhythmia recurrences in regular drinkers with atrial fibrillation. (Funded by the Government of Victoria Operational Infrastructure Support Program and others; Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry number.

What to know about alcohol and depression
Alcohol can make a person feel depressed and may even trigger or worsen depression. Depression is also a risk factor for using alcohol, since people who feel depressed may use alcohol to ease their symptoms For more Medical News Today
Vape Devices Like Juul 'Reversing' Efforts to Keep Youth From Tobacco: Study
The research, published Jan. 21 in JAMA Pediatrics, was conducted by the anti-tobacco advocacy group Truth Initiative.
"Youth tobacco use is at its highest in nearly 20 years, primarily driven by e-cigarettes resulting in over 5 million youth now vaping across America," Robin Koval, CEO and president of Truth Initiative, said in a news release.
"Years of progress in the fight against youth tobacco [use] have been reversed," Koval added, "with millions of teens, most of whom were not smokers, now using a high-nicotine tobacco product."
For complete article: Another Harm Reduction method failing - Legalizing Cannabis & Promoting e-cigarettes is increasing tobacco use and creating more harms

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Adolescent Cannabis Exposure Increases Heroin Reinforcement In Rats Genetically Vulnerable To Addiction
How long does 'molly' stay in your system?
Molly, which is another name for the drug MDMA, typically
stays in a person's system for several days.
For complete article go to Medical News Today Molly Mayhem

Justin Bieber: Health and ‘life’ after Drug Use –
What Pro-drug lobby NEVER tell you!

For complete story Justin Bieber and Post Drug Use Mess - #NotEvenOnce

What an 1890s opioid epidemic can teach us about ending addiction today
 For more go to … We Have Been Here Before – Are We That Stupid, or Just…..?

Meg The Budtender - Responsibility Grows Here

Risk for Stroke High in Young Adult Marijuana Users

Marijuana use during pregnancy can negatively affect baby, landmark Western University study finds.

Marijuana Use in Patients With Cardiovascular Disease: (Journal of American College of Cardiology) Science Direct - Review Topic of the Week

Medical Marijuana FAQs
Missouri Medicine Nov/Dec 2019 Magazine – Cannabis Focus

Legalisation of Weed Making it Even Easier to ‘SHARE’!
Canada's online dispensary:
Meg The Budtender - Responsibility Grows Here

Marijuana detected in homicide victims nearly doubles: Over two-thirds of adolescent victims aged 15-20 tested positive in 2016

Associations of Parental Marijuana Use With Offspring Marijuana, Tobacco, and Alcohol Use and Opioid Misuse
CONCLUSIONS AND RELEVANCE In this cross-sectional study, parental marijuana use was associated with increased risk of substance use among adolescent and young adult offspring living in the same household. Screening household members for substance use and counseling parents on risks posed by current and past marijuana use are warranted.

Cannabis-based medicines blocked for routine use in NHS, as watchdogs demand evidence they are safe
Cannabis-based drugs controversially legalised by the government have been blocked by NHS watchdogs because there is insufficient evidence they are safe.
For complete story

Charity warns over ‘safe’ legalisation of cannabis
Psychosis link to high potency drug must be investigated, warn mental health chiefs
For complete story

Cannabis and cannabinoids for the treatment of people with chronic noncancer pain conditions: a systematic review and meta-analysis of controlled and observational studies.
For complete research

Association of Depression, Anxiety, and Trauma With Cannabis Use During Pregnancy
Depression, anxiety, and trauma diagnoses and symptoms were associated with higher odds of cannabis use among pregnant women in California.
(For complete article JAMA Network

The Fence or The Ambulance?

“Most people have been conned into using the word ‘overdose’ regarding illicit drugs! No such thing! Why? Because it clearly implies there is a 'safe' dose which can be taken - and everyone knows that's a lie. The same goes for the words 'use' and abuse'. Those terms can only be applied to prescribed pharmaceuticals because they have a prescribed safe dose. I have asked each jurisdiction in Australia if the legal amount of alcohol when driving, up to 0.49, is considered safe for driving. All said no - they would not state that!”
Drug Watch International

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