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“As idiots and greedy lobbyists continue their well-funded, cynical campaign for legal marijuana, the evidence that this would be crazy still mounts. We now have the confession of the Parkland High shooter Nikolas Cruz, who killed 17 people at the Florida school last February. And lo, like almost every other rampage killer everywhere from Nice to Arizona for the past several years, he turns out to be a heavy user of marijuana. Don’t listen to the Big Dope Lobby. Just like Big Tobacco, they’re happy for others to die if they get rich.” 
UK Journalist and Author, Mr Peter Hitchens 11.8.18

A Major Industry-Funded Alcohol Study Was Compromised. How Many Others Are Out There?

Prescription-only drugs being sold by online doctor sites.

Some online doctor sites are selling prescription-only medications to potentially vulnerable patients

Exercise can help beat cocaine addiction!

A study finds exercise leads to decreased “stress-induced cocaine-seeking behavior
Drugs & Death in Australia 2018 Report

Increased opioid-induced deaths have been

observed over the last ten years!

The chaos of the Cannabis Legalization Experiment is continuing and utterly shocking! But, who cares? An entire generation is being sold, yet another lie by Big Marijuana, just as they were with Big Tobacco!

Who is calling the shots for your community? CHRONIC STATE is an absolute 'MUST SEE’ for anyone who gives a damn about our emerging generations!
Watch it all - send it to your networks - warn our Politicians and Policy makers that the Pro-drug lobby are not only wrong, but dangerous!

The Handbook of Cannabis and Related Pathologies
Handbook of Cannabis and Related Pathologies - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780128007563, 9780128008270

An excellent Resource – However, latest data on teratogenicity is not included.

THC exposure of human iPSC neurons impacts genes
associated with neuropsychiatric disorders

There is a strong association between cannabis use and schizophrenia but the underlying cellular links are poorly understood.
Full Article

How THC Injures the Brain, By Mark Gold MD
The acute and long-term effects of THC on the brain and behavior are mediated via the vast endocannabinoid system (ECS), which was not discovered until the early 1990s and remains poorly understood.

For complete article...

Marijuana addiction is real: Forget about 'gateway drug' fears
4 million Americans are hooked on cannabis itself
and there is NO treatment!

·         Marijuana is now legal in 31 states, either for medical or recreational purposes
·         Growers are making strains as much as 10-times stronger than they were 40 years ago 
·         Though it can be used safely, many are under the misconception that marijuana is non-addictive 
·         The National Institutes of Health estimate that four million Americans are addicted to marijuana

FOR MORE... (June 2018)

What the Studies Reveal
In a large prospective study approximately 1900 adolescent were followed and evaluated for 10 years. The results were clear, definitive and shocking. Marijuana users were three times more likely to be unemployed or have dropped out of school compared to non-users. 

For complete article
THC exposure of human iPSC neurons impacts genes
associated with neuropsychiatric disorders

Translational Psychiatry volume 8, Article number: 89 (2018)
In summary, we found significant associations of THC- related pathways to autism and intellectual disability. Furthermore, we have used a dynamic, human-relevant system to demonstrate a phenotypic link between THC treatment and schizophrenia. We hypothesize that THC exposure, by impacting many of the same synaptic and epigenetic pathways already associated with psychiatric disorders, may serve as an additive risk to existing genetic/ epigenetic risk factors.  

For complete paper go to

Cannabis harmful to fish embryos,
University of Alberta study finds

EDMONTON—An Edmonton researcher says people who are pregnant should take precautions with cannabis, after a study showed the plant’s compounds have harmful effects on developing zebrafish embryos.
The study led by Declan Ali, a professor in the University of Alberta’s biological sciences department, exposed fish embryos to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), which are the main chemicals in cannabis that affect cell receptors in the brain and body.

For more

Perinatal Marijuana Use and the Developing Child

Expanding use of cannabis among pregnant and lactating women (as likely will occur with legalization) may lead to increased risk from fetal and child exposures if the teratogenic potential of cannabis remains underappreciated …The exogenous supply of cannabinoids resulting from THC exposure can adversely affect fetal growth as well as structural and functional neurodevelopment.

For complete article and downloable PDF, go to:


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