World Drug Day

- Your Life. Your Community - No Place For Drugs

Primary Prevention and Demand Reduction, not Permission and Promotion, are the Key Focus for Dalgarno Institute on this

World Drug Day 26th June 2021


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“Prevention – Always Better than Cure!”

“Resilient Communities Don’t Use Drugs – Resilient Families Don’t Want Drugs!” Dalgarno Institute

“A person can overcome anxiety to the extent that their values are greater than the threat”  Rollo May (Psychologist)

Check out AOD Demand Reduction & Prevention PrimerTasking the National Health Strategies for Community Well-being

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Description automatically generated“Drug users believe they are taking drugs, when in fact the drugs are taking a little bit of them... every time.” Anonymous

Check out our Graphic Novelette 
“Wreck-reational Drug Use – I Got This!” and Video.

Time to Stop Permission ModelsRead The most effective ‘drug pushing’ measure ever - permission.

Read the Open Letter on Drug Decriminalisation


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