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“Your deteriorating mental health had much to do with your history of drug use and in particular your cannabis habit. This is another example of the danger of cannabis use and its ability to induce psychotic behaviour in young men.”
Mr Justice Haddon-Cave: Worksop man Kamil Dantes jailed for parents’ stab killings


Cannabis Conundrum Tour Coming to Capital City Near You!

Vaping: The Hit Your Brain Takes (video)

Alcohol metabolism contributes to
brain histone acetylation.

Read more HERE....
Australia Institute of Health & Welfare – Latest Data

Alcohol Harms to Others:

Alcohol ranks at the 9th place among risk factors in the most recent Global Burden of Disease (GBD) analysis. 


FOOTNOTE (Video): All This Barbarity For Just ONE Reason! Bored Western Middle Class Hedonists, Who Just Wanna Get High – That’s It! You Stop You’re Egocentric Carelessness And This Goes Away!

Clinical Outbreaks and Vaping-associated Lung Disease with Dr. John Brownstein (NEJM – Podcast December 2019)



First long-term health study on vaping confirms it’s bad for our lungs

Complete article: First Long Erm Health Study on Vaping Harms – Metro UK

National Birth Defects Month Tool Kit
No Brainer Store
No Brainer Store


BBC News - Why Canada's cannabis bubble burst

Association Between Recreational Cannabis Use and Cardiac Structure and Function
For complete study go to JACC Cardiovascular Imaging/Science Direct

Legalisation of cannabis IS a fool’s crusade
For more

Marijuana is the Number 1 substance now found in suicides of young people in Colorado who are 15-19 years old. The marijuana data can be found here

Marijuana and Suicide – The Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado: The Impact Vol 6

11 day old baby dies from Marijuana Exposure - Neonate Death Due to Marijuana Toxicity to the Liver and Adrenals
For full paper

Video - The New Cannabis: What You Aren’t Being Told!

University of Southern California said unproven health claims coming from pro-marijuana bots on Twitter illustrate “how false statements may drown out solid science on social media”

Cannabis Surveillance With Twitter Data: Emerging Topics and Social Bots
For complete research go to
The Online CBD Industry Unmasked
Hard Truths About Today's CBD Products, Websites, and Financial Activity Potency Gaps, Carcinogens, High Heavy Metal Levels — LegitScript Study Reveals Even More

Download the full 40-page report today to get all the details, including types of noncompliance, actual potency amounts, and high-risk financial activity happening behind-the-scenes.

Preventing the Use of Marijuana: Focus on Women and Pregnancy addresses the established health risks of marijuana use to pregnant women and their children, as well as the expanding evidence base on other potential harms of use during pregnancy.

Cannabinoids for Psychiatric Disorders? Evidence of Effectiveness is Lacking, Report Concludes 
There is little evidence that the use of cannabinoids can improve symptoms of anxiety, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), depression, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), psychosis, or Tourette syndrome, according to a report in Lancet Psychiatry.

They identified 83 studies, including 40 randomized, controlled trials (RCTs), for the analysis. Most of the RCTs were very small (with median sample sizes of 10 to 39 participants) and had short follow-up periods (median trial length of four to five weeks), the authors noted.

“We found little evidence for the effectiveness of pharmaceutical CBD [cannabidiol] or medicinal cannabis for the treatment of any of [the examined] mental disorders,” Black and colleagues wrote. “Some very-low quality evidence was found for the use of pharmaceutical THC [tetrahydrocannabinol] (with or without CBD) in treating anxiety symptoms among individuals with other medical conditions, such as chronic noncancer pain and multiple sclerosis.”

For more information on this topic, see the Psychiatric Services article The CBD Dialectic in Mental Health: Benign and Powerful?

Most teenagers in legalized states see marijuana marketing on social media:  Read More:

Cannabis Use Based on Urine Drug Screens in Pregnancy and Its Association With Infant Birth Weight.
For complete research

The Fence or The Ambulance?

“Most people have been conned into using the word ‘overdose’ regarding illicit drugs! No such thing! Why? Because it clearly implies there is a 'safe' dose which can be taken - and everyone knows that's a lie. The same goes for the words 'use' and abuse'. Those terms can only be applied to prescribed pharmaceuticals because they have a prescribed safe dose. I have asked each jurisdiction in Australia if the legal amount of alcohol when driving, up to 0.49, is considered safe for driving. All said no - they would not state that!”
Drug Watch International

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