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“Those whose minds are steeped in cannabis are capable of quite extraordinary criminality. Your brain has been steeped in cannabis for most of your adult life.”
Mr Justice Niblett: Cannabis smoking leads to criminality, judge tells arsonist

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A new study by Ontario researchers suggests that brain activity in rats exposed to the vapourized psychoactive component of marijuana is similar to those with schizophrenia and cannabis-induced psychosis. For more Marijuana & Mental Illness

What Abraham Lincoln Got Right...sort of...About Additiction!
For more thorough evidence-based perspective see: Stigma, Drug Use & Proactive Contagions to Reduce Both
Dopamine FASTING? Some People are taking it too far!
Contribution of Marijuana Legalization to the U.S. Opioid Mortality Epidemic
Conclusions The marijuana protection hypothesis is not supported by recent U.S. data on opioid mortality trends. Instead, legalizing marijuana appears to have contributed to the nation’s opioid mortality epidemic.

The relationship between parental attitudes and children's alcohol use
Less restrictive parental attitudes towards children's alcohol use are associated with increases in children's alcohol use onset, alcohol use frequency and drunkenness.
For complete study go to Parent Modelling Matters!

'Drop the pretence': Festival goers are old enough to say no to drugs
Stop paternalizing and patronizing these 18 yo+ ADULTS! The faux compassion pushed by pro-drug advocates is just that 'a pretence' as part of an ongoing drug use normalization process. Save lives - Build resilient human beings who are socially responsible and community minded – living to make a difference to our society, not self-indulgent hedonists who not only detract from the healthy, safer and more caring community, but believe now (thanks to these ever permissive mantras) that they have, instead, a 'right' to party! Time the grown-ups - grew up!
For more go to  Scoring The Pill Test

Thousands march…to show drugs can be beaten in Recovery Walk

There’s no such thing as a “functioning alcoholic” (or any other addict!)
The “functioning addict” idea can indeed fuel a lot of delusion. An addict may be “functioning,” but at what cost? What cost to their physical and mental well-being, to their social and professional life, to the well-being of their family? For complete story go to QUARTZ – Time to End the Delusion

WARNING: CBD Vapes Spiked with Illicit Drugs

Cannabis risks must be faced
Illicit drugs linked to psychosis need to be discouraged!

Research presented to the International Early Psychosis Association last year showed a link between cannabis use and schizophrenia. Among a sample of more than three million people, researchers found that cannabis abuse increased the risk, by five times, of developing schizophrenia.
For complete article The Australian September 2019

Mystery lung illness linked to vaping reported in nearly 100 people
Medical authorities say it is unclear whether patients will fully recover – US health officials are investigating around 100 cases of mysterious lung illnesses believed to be linked to vaping and e-cigarette use in 14 states. Many of those who have fallen ill are teenagers and young adults. A large number have been hospitalised, with some in intensive care and on ventilators. For complete story go to No Harm Reduction Here!
New Information Resource  Drug Info Sheet - Vaping


Cannabis Session led to Soldier killing Teacher


Colorado Cannabis Chaos – Legalization of Marijuana In Colorado: Impact Report 6


USA Marijuana arrests rose last year despite more states legalising – FBI Data shows

Fascinating, yet predictable. Legalize a drug and you supposed ‘radically reduce’ crime, right? No, all you do eradicate the crime of ‘possession’, but simultaneously opening the door to the escalation of other crimes due to (now ‘legal’) DRUG USE! More harms – No cost savings – Diminishing Community Safety! #preventdontpromote


Can You Overdose on Weed?
Whether one can overdose on cannabis depends on one’s definition of the word overdose. If overdose means any acute adverse health consequences of taking too much, then absolutely. There is no question cannabis can do that.
For complete story go to You can OVERDOSE on Weed!
See Also ‘Cannabis Can Kill?’


Father was in a 'drug induced psychosis' when he sent parcels laced with asbestos to embassies
Savas Avan, 50, posted the 52 packages in January this year to foreign diplomatic offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra, while suffering a 'brief episode' of a cannabis-induced psychosis.

Association of Prenatal Cannabis Exposure With Psychosis Proneness Among Children
in the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) Study

Mirroring increases in the general population, the prevalence of past-month marijuana use among pregnant mothers in the United States increased by 75% between 2002 (2.85%) and 2016 (4.98%).1 …prenatal cannabis exposure may be associated with later psychosis proneness in offspring. Only when there is sufficient fetal endocannabinoid type 1 receptor expression, which may not occur until after many mothers learn they are pregnant. In the context of increasing cannabis accessibility and potency, perceptions of safety, and the potential use of cannabis to combat pregnancy-related nausea, these data suggest that cannabis use by pregnant women should be discouraged until more is known.
(for more -JAMA Psychiatry )

Canada’s marijuana laws are all about Trudeau’s 'hipster' legacy
Since legalization last October, usage has increased, as one might expect.
For more go to

Cannabis Concentrate Use in Adolescents
Most adolescent cannabis users have used concentrates. Based on their risk and protective factor profile, adolescent concentrate users are at higher risk for substance use problems than adolescent cannabis users who do not use concentrates. Findings raise concerns about high-risk adolescents’ exposure to high-THC cannabis.
For more go to AAP News&Journal Gateway



FTC Sends Warning Letters to Companies Advertising Their CBD-Infused Products as Treatments for Serious Diseases, Including Cancer, Alzheimer’s, and Multiple Sclerosis
The letters warn the companies, which the FTC is not identifying publicly, that it is illegal to advertise that a product can prevent, treat, or cure human disease without competent and reliable scientific evidence to support such claims…The letters also warn that selling CBD products without such substantiation could violate the FTC Act and may result in legal action that could result in an injunction and an order to return money to consumers. For complete letter go to  US Federal Trade Commission Media Release 10/9/2019

Epidemiology of Cannabis Use and Associated Problems 2018 (USA)
Much remains to be determined about cannabis trends and the role of Medical Marijuana Laws and Recreational Marijuana Laws in these trends. The public, health professionals, and policy makers would benefit from education about the risks of cannabis use, the increases in such risks, and the role of marijuana laws in these increases.


Marijuana may be bad for your junk
Weed may affect the testicles and hijack sperm production

For complete article Pot Impacts Procreation!

What Do I Need To Know About Marijuana? - Podcasts
UNODC – Commission On Narcotic Drugs – Vienna: 2019 Ministerial Declaration 

We express deep concern at the high price paid by society and by individuals and their families as a result of the world drug problem, and pay special tribute to those who have sacrificed their lives and those who dedicate themselves to addressing and countering the world drug problem…(page 3)
We commit to safeguarding our future and ensuring that no one affected by the world drug problem is left behind by enhancing our efforts to bridge the gaps in addressing the persistent and emerging trends and challenges through the implementation of balanced, integrated, comprehensive, multidisciplinary and scientific evidence-based responses to the world drug problem, placing the safety, health and well-being of all members of society, in particular our youth and children, at the centre of our efforts page 5

The Fence or The Ambulance?



“Most people have been conned into using the word ‘overdose’ regarding illicit drugs! No such thing! Why? Because it clearly implies there is a 'safe' dose which can be taken - and everyone knows that's a lie. The same goes for the words 'use' and abuse'. Those terms can only be applied to prescribed pharmaceuticals because they have a prescribed safe dose. I have asked each jurisdiction in Australia if the legal amount of alcohol when driving, up to 0.49, is considered safe for driving. All said no - they would not state that!”

Drug Watch International
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