Letter from the 2020 SNS-HFIR User Group Executive Committee
Dear fellow neutron scatterers,
I am writing as the chair of the SNS-HFIR User Group Executive Committee (SHUG-EC) to introduce the committee members and advertise our planned activities for 2020. A large momentum was acquired in 2019 following a range of very well-received webinars; a highly successful User Meeting in June 2019; and, a Workshop on Science at the Second Target Station (STS) in December 2019. I want to take this opportunity to thank outgoing SHUG-EC members and past-chair, Olivier Delaire, for their outstanding work.
This year, the SHUG-EC consists of 12 members: Martin Mourigal (Georgia Tech), chair; Daniel Shoemaker (University of Illinois), vice-chair; Olivier Delaire (Duke University), past chair; Adam Aczel (ORNL), secretary; Adrian Brügger (Columbia University); Allyson Fry-Petit (California State Fullerton); Jarek Majewski (National Science Foundation); Eugene Mamontov (ORNL); Dvora Perahia (Clemson University); Geneva Laurita (Bates College); Danielle Yahne (Colorado State University); and William Ratcliff (NIST-NCNR).
My priority for 2020 is to pursue a deeper and broader engagement between the SHUG-EC and the user community. The primary role of the SHUG-EC is to provide an independent venue to collect, analyze and relay users’ impressions on all aspects of the neutron scattering experience at HFIR and SNS. An equally important role of the SHUG-EC is to advocate for—and actively represent the users’ interests in—the planning for the future of neutron scattering at ORNL. This spans improvements to current instruments, the planning of new capabilities at existing sources, and the STS project and beyond.
This year will culminate with the American Conference on Neutron Scattering (ACNS), organized by the Neutron Scattering Society of America, in Boulder, Colorado, on July 12–16, 2020. The SHUG-EC looks forward to meeting many of you at that important event. In the meantime, members of the SHUG-EC can be directly contacted using the group email at, and I can also be contacted directly at Furthermore, given the success of past Webinars, I would like to invite you to a series of online events:
February 4, 2020 (4–5 pm EST)—Online Forum with the SHUG-EC
I will be available online for an open discussion with users about all aspects of their ORNL experience. Please feel free to connect me and share your impressions and concerns about the neutron scattering experience at ORNL. Note: this forum is independent of ORNL’s management/scientists/staff who will not be present. If successful, a similar online forum will be scheduled monthly. To connect, use the following BlueJeans link: or dial +1.888.240.2560 (US) and enter the Meeting ID: 860494847.
February 12, 2020 (1–2 pm EST)—ORNL Webinar on HFIR upgrades
Wei Tian (HB-1A), Jeff Bunn (HB-2B), Huibo Cao (HB-3A), Lisa Debeer-Schmitt (CG-2) and Shuo Qian (CG-3) from ORNL will update users on instrument upgrades and new capabilities at HFIR in preparation for the proposal call closing on February 26, 2020. Go to to register.
March 2020—ORNL Webinar on the STS workshop (Date TBD)
Presentation of the outcome of the December 2019 Second Target Station Workshop and next steps.
April 2020—ORNL Webinar on the SANS software suite (Date TBD)
Presentation of the new software suite for Small Angle Neutron Scattering instruments.
Please keep in touch!
Martin Mourigal, Chair, for the Executive Committee
The SNS-HFIR User Group (SHUG) consists of all persons interested in using the neutron scattering facilities at Oak Ridge. Learn more:
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