Join me in making 2016 the year of Self.
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Happy New Year <<First Name>>!

I really love this time of year. There is energy sparking as people discuss and decide to make positive change in their lives. The light is coming back as the days slowly get longer. Hope and renewal are in the air. Are you feeling it too?

I wanted to invite you to join me in making 2016 the Year of Self. I was surprised and delighted by the overwhelmingly positive feedback I received about the Build a Better You Advent Calendar I did last month. I thought: now that we’ve taken steps together to build a better you, let’s set an intention to cultivate more Self.

New Year’s Resolutions are infamous for how easily they are to make and forget. That’s why I choose not to make them.

Instead, I use the beginning of a new year, new month or new beginning to set intentions. With that in mind here’s what I plan to do for January. I hope you’ll join me.

Step #1: Writing down what you want

This is a bit like my plan-do-review approach. Except you’re going to write an email and then use an app to delay it so you don’t get it for 30 days. We’re only focusing on one month at a time.

Before you download any apps, think about what you would want to do this year. I’ll use one of my intentions as an example.

In 2016, I want to swim in the ocean more because I experience so much joy when I’m swimming. It’s too cold for that in my part of the world right now, so I’ll set an intention to plan for ocean-going when the weather is warmer.

What should you write down? A better question is, what do you want to write down?

In December and January we are fed a steady diet of what we should be doing. Get healthy, eat healthy, lose weight, quit this or that bad habit, go to the gym, etc. When you think of those things, how do you feel? If you don’t feel inspired by them...that’s because they’re not yours.

“Shoulds” never come from the inside out. They only come from external forces. And because they’re not yours and well grounded, they simply don’t stick!

So really feel into what you want for your life, if anything was possible. What is life affirming and enhancing for you? What steps could you take to get more of that in your life? Writing more is better than less. If you must, write down those shoulds in a separate column on the paper. Let them have their say. Then you can figure out whether or not to include them.

Step #2: Write a letter to yourself (there’s an app for that)

Now it’s app time. I downloaded the Slow Message App (it’s free for this month in iTunes) and wrote myself an email. Slow Message App offers different delay timeframes but I chose a month. I invite you to do the same. Write an email from your Calm, Clear, and Courageous Self about what you want to have accomplished this month.

After 30 days, you’ll receive your email to yourself. Now look for what stuck.

By stuck I mean what did you actually do? Or perhaps look at the opposite. What did you forget about completely?

When you read it, notice what still feels good and appealing to you. That’s where you should set your intentions for the next month.

Step #3: Take 15 minutes to do the exercise

Don’t procrastinate! Especially if that’s one of your intentions. Jot down a quick list to think about. Working off the top of your head can usually tell you your immediate, gut reactions.

This is just one thing to do to get more Self in 2016. I am interested in how it goes for you. Let me know won’t you?


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