Dear Colleagues,

Even during this difficult time, we continue to think about the challenges that children might encounter when they begin to resume their old routines.

This is why we’re inviting you to learn more about the project ‘Keeping Children Safe in Sports’, which the Terre des hommes Foundation is implementing in Romania and Greece with the support of Tdh Hungary. The project promotes safeguarding and protection policies for children in sports and recreational environments in Romania and Greece.

This newsletter will present the ways in which we are helping sports professionals to protect children (webinars, courses and more—see below). It is, however, an interesting topic for parents, and we invite everyone to read more about it. Children themselves will play an important role in the ‘Keeping Children Safe in Sports’ project as part of an Advisory Board.

Children must feel ‘at home’ anywhere they choose to practice sports!

Join an exceptional webinar on child safeguarding in sports with Paul Bercea!

27 May 2020

The webinar has the following key points: Explore the latest knowledge and contexts to inform best safeguarding practices in sport, Understand the definition of child safeguarding in sports and recreational settings, Reflect upon the roles and...

The Safety of Children Playing Sports is about to Improve

07 Apr 2020

'Keeping children safe in sports' means preventing and responding to the ways in which a child can be harmed — emotionally, verbally or physically — when training, practicing, or otherwise engaging in recreational sports. In October 2019, Terre des...

What Has Happened Since the Launch of the Project

06 Apr 2020

In October 2019, Terre des hommes launched a unique project aimed to promote child safeguarding policies in sports settings in Romania and Greece, in partnership with Tdh Hungary. Through this project, Tdh committed to ensuring that children and...

Support for sports federations, trainings and awareness campaigns

07 Apr 2020

Helping sports professionals better protect children is the essence of the Keeping Children Safe in Sports Project, initiated by Terre des hommes in Romania and in Greece last year. This is how the project intends to do this in the following weeks...

'Keeping Children Safe in Sports' is a unique project dedicated to helping children feel safe while practicing any kind of sports. It is coordinated by Terre des hommes (Tdh) Romania, and is implemented in partnership with Tdh Hellas (Greece) and Tdh Hungary. The KCSS project is financed between September 2019–September 2021 by the 'Rights, Equality and Citizenship' Program of the European Union. 


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