Caring for vulnerable children - free online course from February 23

The University of Strathclyde of Glasgow, in association with CELCIS (Center of Excellence for Looked After Children in Scotland) will start a FREE certified online course starting 23 February, running for 6 weeks with a weekly workload of 4 hours per week on caring for vulnerable children.

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Every third child has already experienced harassment online

The Hungarian Committee of UNICEF published an article, according to which 88% of children between 10-18 have social network site profiles and a third of those have already experienced harassment online.

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Improving chances for vulnerable communities in Serbia

'WHO Europe' reports on the joint project work of WHO and the Youth Centre Duga in Novi Pazar. The project organized classes for Roma children to support them in catching up academically with their non-Roma peers and to help them develop skills necessary for persistence in education and inclusion in the school system.

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The situation worsens for vulnerable children and families in Hungary

Opening Doors for Europe's Children' website published the review of Maria Herczog, coordinator of the Opening Doors campaign in Hungary and member of the UN Commitee on the Rights of the Child on Hungary's failing child protection system. Despite strong legislation, many children are still being institutionalized because of the lack of resources and training and because of deep-roothd prejudices in the system.

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Resilience in children exposed to trauma, disaster and war: global perspectives - Free online course

The University of Minnesota is offering a Mass Open Online Course through COURSERA on how can professionals protect young people at risk from trauma, war, disasters and other adversities.

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The World Congress on Juvenile Justice in Geneva closes with a joint declaration

Co-organised by Switzerland and the Terre des hommes Foundation, the World Congress on Juvenile Justice, the first such international meeting on this issue, took place in Geneva, Switzerland, from 26 to 30 January 2015.

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Latest Resources

Coaching and mentoring in social work: a review of the evidence - Abstract

Numerous findings suggest that both coaching and mentoring have positive implications for social workers and the organisations within which they work. Coaching and mentoring are distinct interventions which can be used to build the capacity of social workers, across the career trajectory. They both may have much to offer to social work practitioners, agencies and managers in terms of coping with occupational stressors, improving performance, retention and wellbeing.

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Fairstart Global training on children placed in public care

FairstartGlobal offers research-based group and leadership online training programs for caregivers and managers in orphanages and foster care systems. Governments, NGO organisations, and professionals use the non-profit programs to educate local care staff and leaders in orphanages, foster families, and refugee camps.

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Making other dreams: The impact of migration on the psychosocial wellbeing of Albanian-origin children and young people upon their families’ return to Albania Abstract

Return migration has not been associated with negative psychosocial outcomes, while the experience of children involved in this process has been largely overlooked. This article looks at the migration experience of Albanian-origin children and young people upon their families’ return to Albania. 

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Child Protection Training Video

This training video introduces the subject of basic child protection procedures and strategies, provides an overview of different forms of child abuse, and reporting strategies.

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Re-visioning social work with individuals, collectives and communities: social work research - Ljubljana, April 24, 2015

Social Work Research Association (ESWRA) is organising the fifth European Conference for Social Work Research with the title : “Re-visioning social work with individuals, collectives and communities: social work research”

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5th Expert Meeting: Reflections from the Expert Meeting series, children’s participation and discussion of the way forward: Stockholm, March 9, 2015

In 2014 and 2015, the Children’s Unit at the Council of Baltic Sea States (CBSS) Secretariat is organising five expert meetings in cooperation with partners in Europe and beyond with support from the EU Return Fund. The aim of the meetings is to identify child rights standards and key agencies responsible for protecting children exposed to exploitation and trafficking in cross border situations. The fifth meeting aims to sum up the expert meetings, discuss the findings and look into ways forward. The meeting will add value by focusing on children’s experiences - in different ways, we will hear their voices.

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Financial Director

European Roma Rights Center advertises the position that bears responsibility for all financial planning, procedural management and reporting. The deadline for applications is 28 February 2015.

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Advocacy and Research Intern

The consortium for Street Children is looking for a dedicated and enthusiastic intern to support the Advocacy and Research Officer from February to August 2015 for 3 days per week. Deadline for application is February 15th.

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Call for Applications: Writing Training Manual about a Transnational Referral Mechanism for Victims of Human Trafficking among Belgium, the Netherlands and Hungary

The Ministry of Interior of Hungary as the project leader and its project partners, the Ministry of Security and Justice of the Netherlands and Payoke vzw of Belgium invite experts to submit applications in the framework of the project “Referral of and Assistance for Victims of Trafficking in Europe” HOME/2012/ISEC/AG/4000004405 (hereinafter referred to as RAVOT-EUR).

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Call for proposals to implement a social science research

The European Roma Rights Center is looking for a researcher to do a study. The goal of the study is to gather information in one-two counties of Hungary about the functioning of the Hungarian child protection system, and to analyse it in light of earlier ERRC research.
Deadline March 15, 2015

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We want to hear from you!

To keep the ChildHub website dynamic and interactive, we’ll produce videos and audios. To make sure they meet your needs we have created a short survey (2 questions only). We encourage you to follow the link and rate different types of videos/audios based on how interesting you find them. This will only take you about 5 minutes, but will be of great help to us!

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The survey is open until March 1, 2015. Thank you for your opinions!

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