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In this pre-holiday newsletter we are addressing the issues of emotional burnout among social and humanitarian workers. During this year we at the Child Hub have talked to hundreds of you, and burnout has proved to be one of the most discussed issues.

The evidence says that professionals working with people and especially those demonstrating compassion a lot are in the risk group for emotional burnout. People tend to not notice the symptoms or misinterpret them as tiredness or stress. It is especially important for managers to be able to notice signs of burnout among employees so as to take action.

Below you will find a lot of resources, telling about ways to prevent burnout, how to recognise symptoms, and also case studies looking at how other organisations are dealing with the issue. We also invite you to sign up for our webinar on Emotional health of social workers on January 13th, where we will explore ways of how managers can support emotional health of their staff (social workers, psychologists, pedagogues), and what actions they can take to prevent burnout in the team.


17 Dec 2015

This video provides employers specific ideas on how to ensure that their staff do not reach the burnout level. The advice provided is practical and could be implemented across fields. 

16 Dec 2015

This infographic provides some quick information on burnout, including by highlighting the differences between it and stress as well as some of its consequences. It also provides the percentage of burnout among aid workers and the main fields that...

16 Dec 2015

This video features a brief interview with Terre des hommes regional coordinator Vera Dimitrievska, in which she talks about the ways of detecting and addressing the issue of burnout among social workers working with the refugees. Talking from her...

17 Dec 2015

MindTools provide a tool where you can self-test on burnout. It asks you how you feel about your job and your experiences at work to determine if you are at risk of burnout. It provides the results immediately as well.         

19 Mar 2014

This TedTalk analyzes the differences between burnout and PTSD. The presentation is held by Dr. Geri Puleo, who runs a consulting firm assisting clients who are planning, implementing or struggling with change.     


Tdh / Peter Käser

16 Dec 2015

This report by Childhub summarizes ten academic pieces regarding burnout in the social and humanitarian work fields. The documents provide useful data regarding issues, such as potential gender differences in facing and coping with burnout, best...

15 Dec 2015

The International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is an international humanitarian organization, which has set a system to prevent burnout among its staff members. One strategy it has used was to set up a Psychological...

15 Dec 2015

For our second example of burnout prevention we selected a well-known multinational company, Microsoft Corporation, as we wanted to highlight some of the innovative approaches that can be adopted to prevent burnout, by agencies with considerable...

10 Dec 2015

According to an American Psychological Association survey, 36 percent of workers has stated that they experience work stress regularly, while a study conducted by the National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety (NIOSH) indicated that 40...

01 Oct 2010

The article aims to determine the average effect size for gender differences in work-related burnout and highlight the extent to which gender differences exist in gender-typing occupations and the degree to which labor policies are socially...


13 Jan 2016

The most common knowledge is that people in the profession of helping others can only do so if they first take care of themselves. Yet all too often social workers ignore the tell-tale signs of emotional stress, or burnout. This impacts negatively...


19 Dec 2015

Mario project – supported by the Daphne programme of the European Union and by the Oak Foundation – is a joint action of influential NGOs to protect Central and South East European migrant children from abuse, exploitation and trafficking in Europe...

05 Jan 2016

Terre des hommes Mission in Albania and Kosovo is seeking to recruit a Child Protection Coordinator based in Tirana, Albania. The Child Protection Coordinator will be in charge for the overall coordination and quality implementation of the...

28 Dec 2015

National Center for Prevention of Child Abuse (CNPAC) announces the vacancy for the Communication and Public Relations Coordinator. National Center for Prevention of Child Abuse (CNPAC) is nongovernmental organization that starting from 1997...

23 Dec 2015

UNICEF ALbania is seeking a national consultat to provide technical assistance to Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth in documenting the progress and results of Social Care Reform in Albania. The service is an individual one, lasting 11 months,...

Happy Holidays!

This is the last Child Hub newsletter in 2015. We wish you very pleasant Winter Holidays with your families and friends, which is also a great way to prevent burnout. It has been a pleasure to be with you during this year and we hope to stay connected further on.

With very best wishes,
Child Hub team.

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