Dear colleagues,

In this December newsletter, just before we all go on holidays, we would like to offer you a few resources on managing your stress and avoiding burn-out.

We all know how much child protection professionals work. For the whole year we were selecting the best resources for you to help you learn new and develop professionally. Now we hope you can take the opportunity to take care of yourself and recharge your batteries.

Scroll down to find a test to check if you are burning out, to see some tips how to eliminate stress and deal with pressure.

We wish you all a beautiful festive season and thank you for being with us this year.

Best wishes from the Child hub Team.



01 Dec 2016 lists a few tips to take charge of your life and and change the way you deal with problems in the workplace. Suggestions include creative methods to: identify the habits and factors that influence stress; replace unhealthy coping...

This article by Business News Daily provides a brief overview on the causes, symptoms, and solutions to job burnout. Burnout is often caused by low salaries, excessive workloads, few opportunities for growth or advancement, work that's uninteresting...

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Mindfulness is essentially about being more aware and awake in every moment of your life. It is about intentionally paying attention to each moment, being fully engaged in whatever is happening around and within you, with an attitude of friendliness...


01 Dec 2014

This article discusses the individual employee's role in the development of his/her job burnout. It reviews the antecedents and consequences of burnout, and propose a model with chronic burnout as a moderator of daily functioning in the workplace....


This MindTools infographic on burnout prevention illustrates the most common symptioms of burnout and the coping strategies to reduce stress and improve your well-being at work.