Do you want to learn about the work of therapy dogs in courts? This is the webinar for you!

On October 11th at 4pm CET PROMISE project and ChildHub are co-organising a webinar on the use of therapy dogs in courts. Courthouse Dogs Foundation founders Ellen O’Neill-Stephens and Celeste Walsen will talk about:

  • How courthouse facility dogs help children to tell their stories
  • How to decide if a dog could be a successful addition to your service, and what the process looks like
  • What to consider to make sure both canine and human staff members are comfortable and happy.

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11 Oct 2018

About the webinar: Each Barnahus and similar setup takes great care to design a positive experience for the children who visit their service. For traumatic stories to become reliable evidence, every detail matters.  Even the furry details.  ...

18 Oct 2018

One criteria of the Barnahus is that a medical evaluation is carried out to ensure a victim’s right to health and to secure forensic evidence for investigative purposes. As part of its medical services, a Barnahus or similar setup should also...


09 Oct 2018

Round table „I can do different: what to do instead of physical punishment?“ was held at October 5, 2018 at the Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagreb. There were several speakers at the round table – Bruna Profaca, assistant professor and...

09 Oct 2018

On Tuesday, September 25, 2018, in Belgrade, a conference titled “STRENGTHENING FAMILIES – WINDOWS OF OPPORTUNITY” was held in Belgrade. The conference was organized by the Network of Organizations for Children of Serbia – MODS in cooperation with...

04 Oct 2018

On September 12 2018, a large national platform against child violence, was officially announced in Sofia, titled - “Childhood without violence”. 19 civic organizations and experts including Eurochild member National Network for Children...


10 Oct 2018

A resource for professionals and students The increased movement of children and families across Europe, the heightened vulnerabilities associated with this, and the variation in the response suggests the need for more consistent training for social...

21 Mar 2018

During the European Refugee and Migrant Crisis in Serbia, Psychosocial Support (PSS) emerged as an important pillar of response to the refugees and migrants in rapid transit and for those staying longer in Serbia. Save the Children invested in a...

27 Aug 2018

Data and Trend Analysis (DATA) Refugees and Migrants at the Western Balkans Route Regional Overview, covering period April-June 2018, describes key trends in migrations in the region, detailing information about the number of people on the move,...

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