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ChildPact - the Regional Coalition for Child Protection - and its members built and piloted an independent tool - the Child Protection Index - to measure each country’s child protection reform in accordance with the UNCRC’s rights based approach and the systems approach to child protection. The Child Protection Index has  been piloted in five countries (Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Moldova and Georgia) and four main countries will join soon (Kosovo*, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Armenia). Built on 13 different articles of the UNCRC, the Index framework includes 626 indicators, that together measure a state’s policy and actions towards greater child protection.

Join us on Wednesday at 15.00 CET to hear Andy Guth and Mirela Oprea talk about the way they developed the index in a way that allows all of us to see how each country is faring in child protection in comparable way!


16 Sep 2015

Last November we marked the twenty-five year anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Ever wondered how we could measure the degree of implementation of the UNCRC? ChildPact and its members built and piloted an...

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