"We have a historic opportunity to end violence against children. The experts agree and proven solutions exist. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) make an explicit, bold and universal commitment to ending violence against children, in all its forms. In target 16.2 and other violence-related targets of the SDGs, UN Member States commit to end abuse, exploitation, trafficking, torture and all forms of violence against children by 2030. Left unchecked, the cumulative effects of violence undermine investments made in areas such as education, health and child well-being, making the prevention of violence critical to SDG achievement. We can deliver on the promise of the SDGs, a world where every child grows up free from violence and exploitation. Child Protection Hub and the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children support those working to prevent and respond to violence, protect childhood and make societies safe for children", Susan Bissell, Director, Secretariat of the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children.


23 Nov 2016

During the implementation of the project “Developing capacities and providing support to frontline workers assisting refugees and migrant children in South Eastern Europe” participants underlined the importance of the experience and knowledge...

24 Oct 2016

This online course frames the needs of vulnerable children against the current climate in the UK of austerity and rising child poverty. As well as detailing the the infrastructure of childcare services in the Scotland, the course covers some...

19 Dec 2016

The University of Minnesota is providing a 6 week long course about Resilience in Children Exposed to Trauma, Disaster and War: Global Perspectives. The course discusses they key themes, among other things, of children overcoming hazardous...


21 Nov 2016

This ChildHub video summarizes the latest UNICEF report on violence against children in the EU. The video highlights the facts, figures, and challenges of child protection in the region.

21 Nov 2016

This ChildHub infographic summarizes the findings of a UNICEF report examining the outcomes of numerous violence prevention and intervention programmes implemented around the globe. The intervention and response projects outlined in this report...

The video as made by bogdanzah from

15 Nov 2016

The short video describes how the Child Protection Center of Zagreb works in an inter-disciplinary way to treat and rehabilitate child victims of abuse and find them permanent solutions. The video has been produced by ChildHub as part of its...

20 Nov 2016

The new infographic by the Global partneship to End Violence against Children shows that children and young people can be their own advocates for change. The infographic displays a few examples of good practices from all over the globe.


10 Aug 2013

This report is made possible because of the partnership formed between the EU and UNICEF for the purposes of examining the child protection systems in place in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Turkey. The aim has been to identify areas of...

05 Aug 2016

Despite the fact that all 28 members of the European Union have ratified the UNCRC, violence continues to blight the lives of millions of children across Europe. In this report the FRA (European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights) identifies...

29 Jul 2016

This ChildHub review highlights that the more we know about the consequences of violence towards children the clearer the moral imperative to address it becomes. In both the short and the long term, exposure to violence during childhood has...


04 Dec 2016

A call for contractors to conduct a national survey on bullying and extremism in Albanian schools has just been published. The full call for expression of interest and the project description can be downloaded from the link:

28 Nov 2016

The Norwegian Refugee Council has been co-chairing the HLP AoR since September 2015 and is now looking for a dedicated HLP Coordinator to strengthen the work of the AoR at global level, support the work of HLP sub-clusters/working groups at field...

01 Dec 2016

ChildHub is opening a tendering process for the agile development of the website. The value of the contract is 14,500 euros covering January to December 2017. Expectations from the service provider •    More than 5 years experience with Drupal CMS,...