Dear Colleagues,

We are happy to invite you for another of our webinar series on two new INSPIRE strategies to end violence against children - today, Thursday February 7th with a start at 3pm CET! First Bosnik Leka from CARE will join us to talk about The Young Men Initiative in the Balkan region and addressing social norms around what it means to be a man in the society. You will hear about the impact of the program, positive changes and lessons learned, how they use social media to transform gender norms and how other countries in the region are getting inspired by their success!

In the second part of the webinar Yetona Myteveli will present ProSEED, a micro-finance initiative aiming to ensure family economic stability and empowerment. The programe is designed for new or existing SMEs who plan to innovate and expand their businesses. As part of this programme, participants develop entrepreneurial skillset essential for increasing their competitiveness in national and global markets. ProSEED is implemented in close cooperation with institutions in Albania, especially Albanian Investment Development Agency and the private sector. The initiative experiences that families who start the businesses report better relations, higher rate of children attending school and less domestic abuse! Make sure to join us tomorrow if you are interested to learn how the programme works in practice, some of the challenges and lessons learned they have to share!

Are you aware about similar initiatives in your country? Or do you think your country could benefit from having similar programmes? We look forward to having you tomorrow with us to share your experience and comments, as well as to get in touch with your peers from other countries to discuss new ideas and innovative programmes.

You can read more about the webinar and sign up here, but if you prefer to join us directly in the room, you are only one click away! Use this link to go directly to the webinar room! To stay up-to-date with past INSPIRE webinars and related materials, check the INSPIRE package we prepared for you!

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