Your webinar "Medical evaluation part 2 – A key criteria for the Barnahus and similar setups" starts soon!

This is the second part in a mini-series targeted to all professionals who are working to meet the Barnahus Quality Standards, or to otherwise ensure reliable evidence and good outcomes for children who are victims and witnesses of violence. Join us now to learn about:

  • Why medical evaluation is important for the wellbeing of children and the investigation,
  • Best practices for a multi-disciplinary cooperation which includes medical evaluation,
  • The types of medical providers who should be available to the Barnahus and the additional training they may need,
  • What a child-friendly exam room may look like,
  • The process when a medical problem is detected that would otherwise would have gone unnoticed,
  • Ensuring treatment and follow-up.

Click here to join us. We are looking forward to seeing you in the webinar room!

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