The next webinar in our Childhub INSPIRE series is about to start! Join us today at 3pm CET sharp to hear about the Cardiff Model for Violence Prevention and discuss INSPIRE strategy number 3 “Safe Environments”.

Todays speaker needs no introduction – professor Jonathan Shepherd is an accomplished expert and the founder of the Cardiff model. He will tell you today about the unique programme he developed to address the fact that most violence which results in emergency treatment is actually not known to police. The model found wide use, and is currently applied in UK, Europe, Australia and the US.

Does “INSPIRE strategies” term ring a bell? If you would like to learn more, we prepared a short package for you with all you should know about the INSPIRE strategies, feel free to check it out here.

More about the speaker and the webinar is available on our webinar page, but if you want to join us directly in the webinar room, you can do it here.


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Looking forward to meeting you soon!



Child Protection Hub Team