Your Burning Issues (Webinars)

Thank you so much for taking part in our survey and telling us what burning questions you have that you need answers to. This is the preliminary TOP5 of your interests and, consequently, our priorities:

  1. "We are speaking – are you ready to hear us?" The challenges of involving children meaningfully in protection interventions and policies.
  2. Working with children and parents who do not see the 'problem': can we still address problems even if families are reluctant to engage?
  3. Supporting parents in vulnerable communities or how to better care for your child when you're facing so many challenges.
  4. Strengthening social service workforce for child protection.
  5. Child Protection Systems Analysis: an overview of various arguments and approaches.

The survey is still open, take a chance to vote!

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25 Mar 2015

A new learning project has just started, which will build on the work of This new project will promote and facilitate learning on recovery and reintegration approaches that improve outcomes for children and adolescents...

08 Apr 2015

The Day Centre "THE HOUSE OF THE CHILD" which is a community unit providing customized clinical mental health services for therapeutic treatment and psychosocial rehabilitation of children and adolescents victims of abuse, neglect or domestic...

01 Apr 2015

'WHO' reports that on 19-20 March 2015, representatives from the Ministries of Health of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Israel, the United Nations Administered Province of Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey and the former...

15 Apr 2015

Terre des hommes Albania, in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth, the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Agency for the Protection of Children’s Rights, launched the initiative: “Regional Resource Centre for Child Protection...


01 Apr 2015

'BBC' has created a scenario-based story-line so that its readers can experience first-hand, what hard choices Syrian refugees have to make on their trechorous journey towards Europe, escaping the war. While this is not child-specific, children -...

10 Feb 2015

We live in a society characterized with an overwhelming presence of modern technological devices, allowing distance between people to fade and leading to the existence of a second, online world. As children these days grow up in this digitized...

07 Apr 2014

The current study was prepared on the basis of data obtained by conducting a research on online safety of children in Moldova, carried out by the International Center “La Strada” during June-August 2013, which was aimed at collecting information...

10 Apr 2015

In this podcast Bharti Patel, the CEO of ECPAT UK, talks about the practice of child trafficking and modern slavery in the 21st century.  The level at which it exists - is one of the most appalling and shameful indictments of the worldwide human...


The workshop aims to identify ways for simplifying the legislative and bureaucratic hurdles that prevent youngsters to break the cycles of social and economic marginalization and to increasing the capacity of young people at risk of social &...

Menedek Egyesület is organising a 60-hour training series for child protection professionals who work with migrant children (asylum seeking, non-asylum seeking, refugee children).  The training provides 40 credit points.

The Workshop will primarily focus on the topics of grooming, disqualification and screening, and child-friendly justice. The aim of the Workshop is to compare the choice of ‘forms and methods’ developed by the Member States to achieve the results...


Doctor with child patient

21 Apr 2015

UNICEF Moldova is looking for an International Expert in Adolescents Health Communication to develop guidelines and to strengthen the capacities of youth friendly health services in the area of communication for social change and social mobilisation...

30 May 2015

The Foundation 'You have a Place' works in the underpriviliged neighbourhood of the city of Ozd in North Eastern Hungary, based on a complex art-therapy program Kriszta Bódis has developed. The aim of the program is to help mostly Roma children...

30 Apr 2015

During January 2015 - January 2018, Copil, Comunitate, Familie Moldova and Hope & Homes for Children Great Britain implement the project "Strengthening the capacity of the CSOs for inclusive participation in society of the most marginalized...

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