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This newsletter marks the 10th EU Anti-Trafficking Day. We have gathered the most relevant and fresh resources for you, including some learning opportunities. As many of you know, there is a special section on the ChildHub with resources on child trafficking, where you can find experts, thematic news, library and  much more.

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17 Oct 2016

The 18th October is the 10th EU Anti-Trafficking Day. In a three-part blog series, ICMPD analyses challenges and future priorities for the EU in combating trafficking in human beings, focusing on anti-trafficking within a global migration context....

17 Oct 2016

The European Commission marks the 10th EU Anti-Trafficking Day today urging a reinvigoration of joint efforts across the Union to eradicate trafficking in human beings. Trafficking in human beings is a grave violation of human rights and a serious...


01 Jun 2016

The U.S. State Department has published their 2016 report on Trafficking in Persons. This extensive and detailed report casts light onto the magnitude of the problem of trafficking in human beings on a global scale and to expose the horrors of this...

01 May 2016

This report details the environment in which the Sexual Exploitation of Children continues in Europe as well as providing some recommendations for government, nongovernment and private sector responses in the prevention and combating of this crime...

07 Sep 2016

This issue of the Anti-Trafficking Review explores the ways in which some representations erase the complexity in the life trajectories of people who have experienced trafficking, as well as those who are migrants, women, sex workers and others...


17 Oct 2016

This video summarizes the figures and recommendations published by the European Commission in its 2016 Report on the Progress made in the Fight against trafficking in Human Beings.

16 Sep 2016

This video provides an insight into modern day slavery as characterized by widespread debt bondage with Urmila Bhoola, a UN independent expert on contemporary forms of slavery. In a report to the Human Rights Council, Bhoola cited poverty as one of...

Learning resources

17 Oct 2016

This course is about understanding, combating and helping people who are being trafficked, exploited or used in modern slavery. It examines different types of exploitation, how individuals become victim to abuse and what actions professionals...

14 Nov 2016

The OSCE is organising a simulation training for practitioners from the judiciary, law enforcement, labour inspection, financial investigation or a social service provider.  This live simulation course will take place from 14-18 November 2016 at the...

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